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15 July 2009

True or False? Money is the root of all Evil

"One injustice starts a thousand riots. One law stops a thousand crimes."
---- Lawbringer Creed, Lawbringer ----

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the quote above was: "Gosh, This is so true."
The second thing that came to my mind was: "Money is the root of all evil."

I may have puzzled your quizzical mind to why I thought of MONEY out of the sudden. After all, what connection does riots and law have with money? Some may even perceive me as an immature materialistic kid since money is the cause of all material things.

Really, money was what I was thinking as the quote sinks into my mind. Allow me to explain why:

"One injustice starts a thousand riots. One law stops a thousand crimes." Ever heard of the butterfly effect? A flap of a butterfly's wing causing a tornado in the other side of the world. In order words, one small little action may cause an occurrence of another unrelated event.

Just reading the words 'Riots' & 'Crimes' made me ponder about all evilness in general. I guess you can say that one negative word evokes another. I mean, look at those three words, Riot Crime & Evil, they are like sticks and glue, always together. Place the side by side and most would assume that they are triplets.

I am a man who is very much interested in the concept of bribery. When you mention words like 'Law' and 'Injustice', especially in one single sentence, bribery comes to mind. And like most bribery cases, money is one big factor.

Next comes the "One starts a thousand" concept. It suggest that you could trace similiar multiple events to one particular cause, the root of the tree. Combine this idea with the Evil and Money, what do you get?
"Money is the root of all evil"

So here I am fed with the quote: "Money is the root of all evil". And what do I do with it?
I Ponder....
Pause here and predict what kind of mind-blowing ideas I have to write below before you read any further. If you are any close to what I was thinking, you are GOOD!

*Think and see if you are thinking the same thing as I was*
*Ready to move on?*

Anyways "Money is the root all evil". I thought to myself, man, this quote is so damn vague. I mean, whoever came up with that quote "money is the root of all evil" is a damn freaking good. In my opinion, I think its a both a false and a true statement.

Wealth, the creation of money is not evil.
Greed, the selfish pursuit for money can possibly be classified as evil.
Destruction, to destroy the concept of money is definitely evil.

Money makes the world go round. Money is the root of all evil. Combine those two, you end up with this statement: "Evil makes the world go round", which is a total bullshit.

Money makes people happy. It is an essential thing to obtain in this modern age. With no money, you live in misery. I am aware that this doesn't apply to everyone, but i am pretty sure it applies to most people living in this era. Money is essential for survival. It is essential for a comfortable lifestyle. It an important ingredient to the pursuit of the legendary myth called HAPPINESS.

*Sudden Pause*
You know what, I take back on all the things I wrote. Happiness is a myth. Besides, who ever said you can't be happy and evil at the same time? Money is the indeed the root to all evil

(Note: If you are regular reader of my blog, I'm pretty sure that you are well aware that I'm out of blogging material. So, what better way to blog is there than to write out my thought process?")

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So what do you think? True or False?
"Money is the root to all evil"


Cmate said...

True - Money causes us to do silly things whether we have it or not. When we don't have it, we do evil. When we have it, we do evil. what a troublemaker!

Lisalicious said...

Well if one things there is Satan in Hell, then I think Greed in MOney is hell on earth

dias89 said...

Hi San Dim Pat,

Without money, all of us will not be able to become what we are today. While I share your thoughts with most of your points, to conclude that money is the root of all evil is certainly premature.

Do check out my post about money at http://diaslu.com/being-a-money-magnet-do-you-love-your-life. I hope you can discover new insights from there.

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