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18 July 2009

Why the Grim Reaper work alone

"You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper"
---- Robert Alton Harris ----

Ever wonder who makes the worst HR personnel? Its not the lazy, its not the incompetent, and it is definitely not those who rejected your job application. It is the grim reaper.

This is how I would imagine an interview between a human and a grim reaper.

"Morning Sir!"

"Living Flesh, have a sit. Your name is Kif yes? That is a rare name. Tell me more about it"

"Nah, it is just a made up name. I mean, I'm pretty sure you have interviewed millions of Aarons, Jamies, and Mary. I want to be different from other candidates and so I registered myself as Kif."

"Interesting! So tell me, what experience do you have with death?"

"Erm...not much. I mean, I graduated from Law. Unlike doctors engineers and false prophet, I don't get many oppurtunity to kill. The closest experience I have with death are a couple generation of dead ancesters"

"Thats ok. This is a niche business, We don't expect new hires to have experience, though suicide bombers will be given priority. Anyway, what your thought on mass genocide?"

"Erm.... I'm willing to get my hands dirty if there are promotions"

"Good. You are hired. Come on, let me give you a tour to Hell"

That is one scary conversation. I'd also imagine that it will no easy task to talk to an emotionless skull. Even if the scary skeletal structure doesn't scare you, perhaps the dark robe and the scythe will.

But I gotta warn you, never never ever shake the grim reaper's hand when you do get the job offer. Imagine an employee comes in for a job interview when they get the job, they shake the grim reaper's hand. There goes the new employee, well done human resources!

Speaking of the grim reaper, Would you want to have his job when you grow up?