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16 July 2009

Save something. Don't use unless its necessary

"Save a tree. Don't print this e-mail unless it's really necessary."
---- Anonymous ----

They are like dumb blonds, you see them everywhere. In emails, papers, next to xerox machine & printers. They are like parasites clinging on to every document.

Question is: How much paper can the world save from this? How many trees can you save?

Trees grow! It is a waste of space if we don't chop them down. We can never plant new trees if we don't chop down the old trees. And if we can't plant new trees, we get less paper. With all these restriction, the world will be short of millionaire tycoons who is in the destructive business of environment. Its a lose-lose situation.

Even if the tree argument is flawed, we have a thing called 'recycled paper'. I don't see how I can save any trees if all I'm using are recycled papers.

Don't mind me. I know its a flawed argument, but i couldn't refrain myself from mockery. I just had to make fun of trees, papers and the environment because its fun. But seriously kids, take my advice: "Save a tree. Don't print anything unless it's really necessary"

Which comes to my next point: The way I see it, this is just a start. I would anticipate similiar lines like these to appear more often in the future.

"Save the fossil. Do not use plastic bag unless it's really necessary"
"Save your time. Do not read this line unless it's really necessary"
"Save the economy. Do not save money unless it's really necessary"
"Save your effort. Do not wake up unless it's really necessary"
"Save humanity. Do not piss people off unless it's really necessary"
"Save Africa. Do not eat unless it's really necessary"

What other witty lines can you think of?


Meiyi said...

Save oxygen. Don't use it unless it's really necessary.

kuching_knight said...

Save water. Do not shower unless its really necessary.