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13 July 2009

Move along, Nothing to read over here

Anyone would assume that a great genius would heaps of mind-blowing ideas to share after a long disappearance act. After all, a genius wouldn't know how to spend his time other than exploring many of the mysterious thought provoking ideas.

As much as I would like to be that genius, I'm afraid to say that I no genus.....at least not now. I have no new ideas to share with you guys. Actually, what I'm trying to say is that, I won't have anything much to blog about. Scary thing is that this might last for a long time, perhaps maybe permanently.

I used to have great ideas back then when I was a blog-addict. Whenever I start to type, I couldn't stop composing. I would just go on and on and on until the keyboard breaks. I used to be GOOD!

I guess times have change. I've passed my prime, I've lost my writing touch. Now, I can't compose an article anymore. I couldn't even get pass the first paragraph. In fact, I couldn't even write a proper opening sentence. This article is an exception because this article alone took me 5days to write.

Sigh, there goes my career as a writer. How disappointing... Oh well, I guess I was never meant to the be one to revolutionize the world with words alone. Curse you, Fate!

Oh well, as how my friends console me "Think positive". I did, and I'm glad I that I can even compose this article.