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12 September 2008

Revoke: Dang War

This post is directed to Gliterratti members of Innit Nuffnang.
In Innit Nuffnang, there is this unspoken rule that "You shouldn't nang your own post".
[Translation: You shouldn't support your own post]

If you have no idea what this is all about, grab a popcorn and enjoy reading this post anyway.
If you have a slight idea on what all this is about, join in and get involved.
If you have a very strong idea on I'm talking about, time to open up your eyes and explore the world beyond your boundaries.

I saw this link and I couldn't help but to revoke on this matter.
[the objective of the creation of that blog: to gather and dang together until the self-nangers can't even remember their own surname.]

Allow me to relate this to economic theory. I've always wanted to be an economist because I believe that its biggest factor that keeps the world spinning in the modern era. Money dictates which industry will triumph and bestow power to those who are filled with it.
Everything that boomed: all technological advancement, ideologies, and methodology that we all enjoy now were once financed by economy. Light bulbs would not have been invented if no one supported Thomas Edison's lifestyle. He would not have survive long enough to invent the light bulb had no one fed him.

An analogy would be this: To start a business, you have to have a certain amount of capital and support. This is the case for most small time business owners. Lets venture out from small time businesses and look at the bigger picture, Public Listed Companies. Shareholders own a public company. The more they invest in the company, the more shares they acquire in that company, the more power and authority they have within the company.

The more money invested, the more the company can perform in terms of its operation. With money, the company can expand on its current existing operations as well experiment on new ideas. If new stuff works, it'll be good for the company. If it doesn't, it was an effort well spent as a lesson to all future endeavors.

In short:
1) Company requires investment in order to go big.
2) To have authority within a company, invest in it as much as possible.

Assuming I'm the pioneer of the company, I have to 'self-invest' in my own company to provide confidence to all my supporters, my rivals as well as those in between to proclaim that this company of mine will triumph above all other, worthy of being a major adversary to every other competitors.

Similiar to the earlier Thomas Edison analogy. If no one supports his lifestyle, he has to be the one to be supporting his own lifestyle and research. This is the concept of self-investing.Lets imply this 'self-invest' concept to innit, nang and dang.
To support (the act of self-nang) my own post is a way of telling people that I believe in my ability to write and my strong analytical skill.

The link I provided earlier is a blog that favours dang, an act of damnation. For reason unknown to dang-ers themselves, the act of dang might impair the confidence within certain bloggers and this is bad for the society as it discourage new ideas. In a way, this blog serves the main purpose of condemning to those who practice self-invest.

Unless they deem themselves as agents of destruction, one who enjoy nothing more than to restrict creativity and new ideas for their own amusement, there are no strong reason to why anyone would want to dang self nang-ers. Baskets~~~

Question to you is:
Would you condemn those who believed and invested in their own effort?

Suspected Fact:
1) Nang is a supportive act. Nang implies support.
2) Dang is a destructive act. Dang implies damnation.
3) Nuffnang is an advertising company in malaysia that deals mainly with blogs.
4) Innit is a place where members of nuffnang can post their blog post to be assess by other bloggers. Its a concept similiar to the Digg.
5) Unspoken rule are rules created by a mob of people who believes in imaginary authority.

Additional info
I once supported serial dang-ers
[Click here to read more]. But holding on to the ideology of dang-ing a self-nanger is a bit too extreme. It is a very twisted thought and I do not like jokers like these. Its bad for business.


Cathy said...

First of all, I don't get why people nang and dang..
If they like it,then nang it,vice versa.
But seems like everyone is asking ANYONE they see in chatboxes to NANG them..
Then they go off..=.="

pinksterz said...

this is still the issue in innit ah?


i still nang mine. for the same reason of i believe i LOVE my post. but i dont mind if others dont think so.

and when some *people* whine on being danged even though it is just a dang... :|

but oh well. let us just enjoy watching them whine and the others wasting time to go into innit and dang. gila wey to take time to dang.

both are fools. peace.

Nikkiko said...
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Nikkiko said...
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xKisses said...

woots. 3.8 good one!


Kritz said...

*clap clap clap*
Finally someone stood out and say something. In fact, I thought of it too, but I kinda lost my interest to innit since things have changed.

I think those dang-ers are delusional, they are like my grandmother who thinks whatever she says is correct and others must heed her advice.

And nowadays everyone is asking each other to nang themselves, and most of the top 10s are just people with loads of nuffnang friends.

Gah, what am I crapping about. Life's never the way I thought it would be.

Just Jasmine said...

Do continue investing in yourself ;)

Vin Tsen said...

First of all, people won't be confident about you although you are confident about yourself.

Self confidence is something in yourself, you do not have to portray it and think it will boost your fame.

You will definitely gain people's confidence in a matter of time, when people start to use your product for the first time, they will eventually return for the second time if your product is good.

Similarly, if your blog is good, readers will eventually return and read your post.

There is no necessity to nang yourself just "to show others that you trust yourself."

You cannot compare economics to blogging. You will get revenue in return for your effort in business. Those are money, money that keeps you alive.

Blogging is a place to share. Self NANGers are just trying to show people how good they are until the extent where they will NANG themselves.

Sis, I gotta agree with you. This lad here oughta continue investing in himself. Comparing economics and blogging is like comparing Prada and Bata.

p.s. Just jasmine is my sis.

joshuatly said...

I completely agree with you!
I cannot understand why we cant NANG our own post...
Nang = support
Dont nang our own post = dont support our own post...
then who will support things that dont even get support from the writer...
maybe the world is sick... or those dang-ers are sick...

Angie said...

That nang and dang thing seems pointless now.

FionaChan said...

hell, I am so agree with you.
Nuffnang let us nang our posts because they're fine with it, and there's no rules such as self-nanging is a bloody crime.

the simple concept of if you like it then nang, and vice versa, has completely ruined by those pathetic dangers. I was wondering if they were trying to prove they don't love whatever they wrote, if so, then don't write. -.-

Nuffnang staffs should make it clear, self-nanging is no crime, and is completely harmless to anyone else.

Jackson said...

and there's noob out there acting like its their pride to dang self-nanger =.=
to be calling self-nanger syok-sendiri, now those that whole the idea of danging self-nanger seems more syok-sendiri, holding own twisted ideal that doesnt exist and doesnt need to exist

curryegg said...

Oh my..
You're back again! Yeah...

Honestly, this should be an issue as this is an individual's choice (innite users). You can either choose to nang or to dang. This is implied to the owner as well whether s/he wants to nang or dang.

So, no one should be forced, or influenced by others for their own choice. Yeah. No one...


Simon Seow said...

I don't mind the dang but what I mind is that the dang even without reading the post. They just dang for the sake of danging. Sigh.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

i'm glad you wrote this.. and while i don't support it, i wish you had taruk them sumore. lol. They are seriously in my opinion giving bloggers a bad name and no purpose whatsoever. They might as well create their own cult to do rubbish.

-popjammerz- said...

i always nang my post~
but there's one time i kena dang by him too. seriously my first reaction was :"wah why you dang me lah!"

but anyway it doesn't matter since there are other nangs from other ppl too.

it is true that it might condemn some ppl especially first time nangers of their own posts, kena dang pulak. but no worries, just ignore those dang. especially from the king of dangs~:) well that's what i do lah.