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25 September 2008

Time Control

For some unknown reason, inspiration hit me and I had this twsited idea about time control. Lets just assume that there is this power called time-control, who would god grant this power to? I'm not talking about time machine where anyone could just jump in and travel in between time, but rather I'm talking about the ability to control time granted to an individual (imagine Hiro Nakamura from Heroes)

For this article, I'll split people into 4 general categories.
1) A person who lives in the past. Imagine an emo kid who would spent most of his time reminiscing his past life, wondering what would happened if he just did this and that. A loser, a pessimist. Lets name this person PastEmoKid.
2) A person who lives in the future. Imagine an ambitious person who would want to revolutionize the world one day. A leader, an optimist. Lets name this person FutureLeaderKid.
3) A person who lives in the present. Imagine a happy go lucky person who loves nothing more that to enjoy the present. One who appreciate the beauty of the present. Lets name this person LuckyPresent.
4) A person who doesn't care. An unsympathetic bastard who couldn't be bothered with the past, the present nor the future. Lets name this person 3POINT8.

[Question Time: If you had to pick one, which of the above personality would suit you more? Are you the type to delve in you past, OR are you the type to constantly imagine the future OR Are you the type who appreciates the present? Which personality is more dominant in your life?]

Lets just assume the ability to control time is granted to everyone, this is what I would think would happen:
1) PastEmoKid would have painful memories (or happy memories, either way works) that would linger in his thoughts throughout all his years of living till the present. Given this time control ability, he would definitely travel to the past to change the painful event (or to relive the wonderful memories) Eventually, he will always want to travel back in time further and further into oblivion.

2) FutureLeader would have ideas on how to change the world. Given this time control ability, he would travel into the future to satisfy his curiosity on how the future looks like. He would probably do something in the present and travel into the future just to see the outcome of his actions. Eventually, he would travel further and further ahead in time further and further into oblivion.

3) LuckyPresent would want to enjoy the wonderful present time not wanting to look back or move forward in time. Given this time control ability, he would want to stay in the present for all eternity, especially if he found that ultimate present moment (eg: being with the girl of his dreams). Eventually, he would slow time until it stop, never moving forward neither backward in time, voluntarily being a prisoner of the present.

Assuming that there is god who could grant people with time control ability, the above 3 people should never be granted this ability since they would either travel all the way to oblivion or end up as a prisoner for all eternity.

What about the fourth person?
4) Time does not matter for 3POINT8 as for he is a person who just doesn't care about time. He couldn't be bothered thinking about the past, the present nor the future. It is all the same to him. Given this time control ability, he would do nothing. Eventually, nothing will happen, nothing will be changed and everything will go according to the flow.

Just as fashion change with time, abilities too change with time in the godly world. Lets just say god has a warehouse filled with all sorts of cool nifty abilities, and the new season is coming in soon. New abilities would swarm his warehouse and he had to dump all the outdated obsolete power out to make way for all the new powers. Assuming time-travel ability is old school, I'm pretty certain god wouldn't want to dump it to the first three person (EmoPast, FutureLeader and LuckyPresent)

So the only person god would dump this ability to, is the unsympathetic bastard, 3POINT8.
That is why if there is this thing called the ability to time-travel, the perfect person to wield it shall be 3POINT8.

Hi, my name is 3POINT8 and I have the power to change the date and time of my blog post.

Now now, Ain't you envious that I'm granted with this power?


haan said...

sometimes it depends. for example, if now i'm having a bad life, i'd tend to look back. on the contrary, if the present is better than the past, for sure i treasure the current moment, and even worry i will lose it soon.

we need a bit of each.. remember the lessons learned in the past, live today's to the fullest, have dream for the future. and sometimes, don't care and just have fun first! ^^

-popjammerz- said...

I hope I have doraemon.
I can have time machine and the door to go anywhere~

-=THIS IS MY SITE=- said...

3) A person who lives in the present. - applies to me, suffering over the information overloaded on my current subject and getting through it..(no time for future nor past)

Simon Seow said...

I'll travel to the future and checkout the Toto Jackpot number then go back to the present and buy the lottery lol.

curryegg said...

Lolx..... You are right 3POINT8. You have the choice to pick any time you want in your own blog... Lolx...

Somehow, you sound more like a present thinker.. :)

turtle.egg91 said...

I'm a little bit of everything so what category do I belong to? EmoLeaderLucky3?