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03 June 2008

Project Trafford

The great mysterious application was filled and sent digitally leaving no apparent physical mark. The phantom application was assessed & approved, granting 3POINT8 the opportunity to work with 5 prominent bloggers.

As mysterious as it is, it projects an ironic aura of red glory. It bears the name of Project Trafford. The great manager of this project gathered 40+ of the most influential blogger in nuffnang community to learn and share amongst each other on how to "Snack your way to a Live Match at Old Trafford".

I'd say the following 4 bloggers did a good job in promoting the event.

If you've read any of the blog post above, you'll come to realize that this contest is sponsored by Mister Potato. Seems like they are plotting a scheme to make contestants savor every mister potato chips they can get before they get transferred to UK.
And because UK doesn't have any mister potato chips, these people will probably have to suffer hunger, famine, and addiction. I would imagine them there bearing a pale sick face while lying motionless, barely with the energy to open up their eyes to witness the 'live match'.

If you are a potential winner, let me warn you this:
Better ship a container filled with Mister Potato chips over to UK. Better start making arrangement with supermarkets, hypermarkets, and warehouses before they run out of mister potato chips.

Oh one more thing, this is a risky journey, one that is far worse than sailing in a one man Styrofoam ship to Antarctica. So, before you snack up and get all ready to leave for UK, better bid your family and friends one good farewell. HUG THEM, KISS THEM, OFFER THEM FOOD (potato chips recommended). This could be your last chance to see them again.

I know you want a taste victory mixed with misery. After all, its the best feeling anyone can get. Getting pushed into a pit later to find out that you have the capability to stand up and fight! I know you want this! Though They haven't revealed thier methods yet, but these are the people who can teach you how to secure a safe journey to UK:
Who are these people you might ask?

Nicole Tan
The recently elected columnist of a tiny little section in the star newspaper. Though tiny, it represents us bloggers and members of the blogosphere should be proud of that space (This is the first time a blogger has ever been given a column of her own in the newspaper in Malaysia). I'd say: "If you are the better blogger, overthrow her from her crown.

His blog is all about people and food. Curious where to get potato chips at a freaking cheap price, contact him. Keep in mind that its a custom to offer him food (preferbly chips) before you ask favours from him.

Aronil is a freaking good blogger. I don't know how she does it, but she has this appeal that encourages readers to write quality comments in her blog. As a result, readers visit her blog for the quality blogpost she made and the quality comments her readers makes.

She is a normal blogger.


Andy is a promising blogger. Though his blog is filled with crappy news at the moment, I have a feeling that he'll be one famous blogger in the near future. (Proof: He joined nuffnang a week ago and he was invited into Project Trafford) He reminds me of Lim Goh Tong. Once born in poverty, He envisioned the great Genting and got the ultimate title in malalaysia, Tan Sri. (I'm kissing Andy's ass even before he becomes famous so that I too can ride on his fame. Potato chips anyone?)

Blasphemy! 3POINT8 is a copycat. He copies practically everything from this blog! All the way from template to blog content and even all the comments from this blog.

[Top Comment by Anonymous]
Is there any reason to why you bold the word "Hug Kiss and Offer food"?
This sounds dodgy


Simon Seow said...

wei, i like what you've done with my profile pic. do you have a larger version that i can use to put as my title?

curryegg said...

Well, of there are 100% of winning rate, there won't be competition and motivation anymore because you're staying in a comfortable zone and you won't work harder to improve the quality of work. That's what we call equilibrium when there is a balance between assimilation and accommodation (according to Piaget)

As in your previous post on teaming up with genius and idiots, it shows there are benefits for being in a group. It's not to point who is the mastermind and who is the idiot. The point is, each of us are unique and we've our own weakness and strength. When a team of unique people are working together in a warm and harmony atmosphere, everything will turn up well (and may be very good!)

Maybe you may argue, "Why not everyone in a group since everyone is unique. The result might turn better". Well, it's depend on the leader and the members either they still manage to achieve their goal (good quality work) if there's no competition.

Good post again!

Johnny Ong said...

sigh ......... not chosen

littlepolaris said...

I've been to Old Trafford ler. Nothing there except a huge shopping centre and MU stadium. Btw dim sum in Manchester very nice ler. go before 3pm got 50% off. hahaha.

Aronil said...

eheheh you are too sweet you know that and I had a good laugh out of your post. :P

Little polaris: hah... go all the way to trafford just to try the dim sum..you're kidding me right lol

Andy said...

Oh Kif, thank you for your sweet words, although it was a week and not a month. :P

chics said...

Love my profile pic too!

Anonymous said...

Is there any reason to why you bold the word "Hug Kiss and Offer food"?
This sounds dodgy


Nicolekiss have a simple but nice content blog. Lots of picture. I like pictures. =)

acura said...

As a Man Utd fan I am very excited bout this. I hope to watch a game at the Stretford End with all the hardcore fans one day *dreaming*

Teddy said...

wah, u review others..
how bout urself?
r u a successful blogger at ur own standards?

3POINT8 said...

[Simon Seow]
Got got...I'll send it to your mail.

Wow! this is a very good argument. Would love to feature your comment as the best, but I can't due to some restriction stated in the agreement for this post.

[Johnny Ong]
Cheer up. I'm sure we can work together in the next project!
Persevere bro!

[little polaris]
Dim Sum in Manchester. Sounds tempting! Thanks for the fact ya, littlepolaris

3POINT8 said...

Ahaha, to trade your smile with a post, I think its kinda worth it. thanks for the compliment ya!

A week? Serious?
you have some potential bro!

Hahaha... I love your profile pic too. Makes my imagination run wild

There is a reason. There is a part2 to this post.
Stay tuned ya!

3POINT8 said...

You love pics?
I'll try to find pics and put it in my blog. :P

This is your chance! Mister Potato is giving out free tickets! Dun miss this chance, acura!

You mean, I'm allowed to review myself? AHahaha....
Hehey, that is one blogpost worthy to be explored on.
Thanks for the idea Teddy!

Aronil said...

awwwww that is so charming.. :) ok smile smile smile smiel :) hehehe