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18 June 2008

Then there's... Something Greater

There Are Heroes.
There Are Superheroes.
And Then There's... HANCOCK
The first time I saw the poster of the new movie Hancock, I was awed! As an aspiring creative writer who is into linguistic, I was amazed at the tagline. Whoever came up with that is a freaking genius!

Lets leave the tagline for now and go to an IQ question.
Answer this question: What comes next?
Great -> Greater -> ???????

Let tackle this question together and come up with the best answer possible, alright?
Lets assess this tough question carefully. The first word in the sequence would be 'Great'. The second word in the sequence is 'Greater'. Logically thinking, 'Greater' is better than 'Great'. So, the perfect answer to the IQ question would be something that is even better than the word 'Greater'. I do not know about you guys, but I have a feeling that the answer starts with the alphabet 'G'.

Indeed, this is a tough question.Don't worry folks. I understand it if you can't answer the question in such a short time. So, I'll allow some time for you to think as we go back to the tagline.

As I mentioned earlier, whoever came up with the tagline is a genius!
If being a Hero is a near-impossible dream, then being a Superhero is definitely an impossible task! Then again, NIKE taught us all that nothing is impossible.
If that someone can surpass a hero, they can be considered as a superhero, the top of all heroes. Among the elite superheroes, there is a person who is the most superior of all. Hancock!

I have no idea who this Hancock guy is, but this tagline gives me the impression that he could single handedly defeat Rambo, Spiderman, Chuck Norris and God all at once in a split second. That is how good he seemed, all thanks to the super owning tagline.

If the tagline can work this well in the world of superheroes, I'm pretty sure this can be applied in the world of blogosphere. Here is my version:
Kennysia owns a popular blog. Among the top of the popular blogs is PostSecret. Among the elite of the top blogs is none other 3POINT8. [Alrite alrite, I admit my blog is no where near there but still, I think this tagline is freaking cool!]

Enough with the tagline. Lets get back to the IQ question:
What comes next: Great -> Greater -> ??????

If you are thinking of the word 'Greatest', you are dead wrong! If this is an official exam, you'll fail miserably!
The answer is 3POINT8!

What is your thought on this? Do you think that this is the best tagline you've seen in your life?

[Top Comment by Pinksterz]
haha omg ur pic damn scary sial but got similarities. omg you are handick issit!!! HAHAHAHA adik kepada hancock. xD
and i doubt hancock can handle a single pinksterz. HMPH.


curryegg said...

I thought the answer should be...


Ron Jerem Lee said...

u need more missai...

Serene said...

when did u suddenly become so lame? lol

Nikkiko said...

LOL. well, I thought the effect was kind of lost after changing it to blogger's names.

maybe it's cause of the "hero" then "superhero" that I think of it that way.

(wahahaha, I failed!)Oh, but nice going with the poster though, LOL.

Buzzing J said...

You look thin ... Don't sleep so late in the night. Eat more regularly. Eat hot meal, don't just take fast food. Remember to take a rest while studying. Don't go partying too late in the night. Put on more clothes when you go out during winter time. Don't leave your dirty clothes lying around ... :)

pinksterz said...

yay so long din visit your blog liao. weeeeeee~

haha omg ur pic damn scary sial but got similarities. omg you are handick issit!!! HAHAHAHA adik kepada hancock. xD

and i doubt hancock can handle a single pinksterz. HMPH.

Takirinkuki said...

LOL, I think you should edit your photo till the shades got the picture like the poster above, more nice.

Cometh said...

Aha..that is where you are wrong my dear watson. =p

And then there's BENARDCOMETH!!!!


Ah well, although this is your blog, your domain... I just can't resist. =p

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! How cum no hair wan arrr??? He! He! How about ur 'hornyness'???

BaLQiz said...

great... greater... grap muh ass!

Okay, I was trying to find another catchy phase like "kick ass"... hope by dropping the words here I can circulate it aroun and voila! I start my own catchy phase!

woohoo! too old to be lame...

-popjammerz- said...

cool cool cool!!!!
your pic darn yeng wei.

perasan punya me i really thought of


elaine said...

That's really cool. lol

When I saw the movie trailer, I told myself I would have to see that movie. :)