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26 June 2008


Hi guys! I gotta apologize for not putting enough effort in maintaining 3POINT8 as much as last time. But I want to let you guys know that I've read all the comments you all left me, and It did motivate me. Its just that I haven't had the time to reply them one by one. Anyway, thanks for the comments as its a very big factor that motivates me to blog.
Thank you, Xie Xie, Terima Kasih, Arigato, Muncho Gracias~~~

For those who are wondering, I'm now on a mission to look for original interesting blogpost by bloggers. I'm searching for blogpost that has contain radical ideas, extreme sarcasm, wicked witty-ness, well expressed post and anything that makes up a good quality blogpost. I'm searching for the ultimate masterpiece considered to be the best post in a blog. It doesn't matter if they are in some unpopular blog or a post written 38years ago, I'll search for em for I believe that its these posts that deserve a praise or two.
If you have come across some good blogpost, do recommend. It can be from your site, from your rival's blog, or even from your dog's blog. If there is a post that you think is freaking good, do recommend ya! [I'm not searching for good blogs, instead I'm searching for individual blog post that tops the creme]

Till next time, Enjoy your day!
[The artificial sunshine shines day and night]

In short:
Could you Recommend me the best blogpost you have ever read, written by small time bloggers?

Update: I'll try to feature the recommended articles here in this blogpost. Thanks for the recommendation.


kinfook said...

just starting on blogging. feel free to drop by and comment.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

good effort you got there. keep up the good work ;)

Ron Jerem Lee said...

u want radical site see these




xniquet said...

is that an egg tart ? :P~~~~

J said...

Ah well. I once did this thing where I searched for the craziest facts on Earth like say:

1) Walt Disney was afriad of mice.

2) A 3-year-old askes an average of 400+ questions a day.

And then I searched for pictures related to these and I added in some words. To make fun of the facts. You know what I mean?

I'm sorry I can't give you the link to the blog cause I deleted it. Haha. Well, good luck with blogging!

Nikkiko said...

kif is lookin for his twin!

*wonders if somewhere got a 8point3*

pamsong said...

You know, I'm so lazy to actually carry out the exercise for you. You find yourself lah! My archives are pretty well organized. =p

The Operasi Train Jantan Series would be a good place to start though. And I remember just recently I posted about another topic that got me raving comments. Can't remember which already though. Haha.

pamsong said...

Oh, try these, too!

Why Do You Blog?

The Worst Of All Relationship Sins Is This:

-popjammerz- said...

wah..scouting for good blog post?
til now i haven't found one which is super super outstanding from the others in terms of quality...maybe i read not much..or maybe there are some which are of equally good quality! if i ever stumbled by, sure will give u the link!:)

or can i just recomment the whole 4-4-4-4.blogspot.com hahaha! joking anyway, one good thing for you not updating so fast --> i can read slower too won't miss much haha!!!

4Bidden said...

Look no further, I am the wicked wittiness you are looking for. =P

qwertyuiop said...

i'm a fan of



Jules said...

LIke her blog : yuhhui.blogspot.com. Her thoughts are pretty nice.


and her everyday heroes article..


pinksterz said...

mari membodek kif!

i like http://4-4-4-4.blogspot.com


his posts (mostly) never fail to make my head goe round and round :P


Jason said...

I have some rather witty and sarcastic posts here !








But if you only have time for one then i'd suggest you try the first one..

Check it out!

Hope my posts are to your liking!


BaLQiz said...

This one crack me up good!


Jeffro said...

Hmm.. I dunno whether mine are good o not.. but so far I've received most comments for this blogpost of mine (btw, im a small time blogger, hoping to be big time.. LOL!)


Marc said...

I agree with Pamsong with regards to her best post since the post is about me. Haha.

pamsong said...

Good one, Marc. =p

Antares said...

How to resist sharing with you one of my favorite blogposts, inspired by the November 10th BERSIH rally? :-)

Cyren Z. Wong said...


well, I think this is my best post...though I'm not sure how it will stand up to others.

but please check it out anyway (^.^)


BaLQiz said...

Read my blog. Nuff said

3POINT8 said...

Smart! Thats melted egg tart. Melted by radiation from hps.

[To everyone]
I'll try to feature the good ones in this post. Thanks for the recommendation ya! I'm reading them all slowly one by one...

Serene said...

oooo with regards to ya hp and egg tart, i have a similiar video to show u.. hp and popcorns! http://simply-me-simplicity.blogspot.com/2008/07/what-popcorn-can-do-to-your-brain.html