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10 June 2008

Hug Kiss Project.Trafford & Offer Mister Potato

Have you heard?
Mamee-Double Decker Group is giving out cash and personally autographed football jerseys by world class footballer. They are also giving out 30 football tours to Manchester England worth rm15,000 each.

If you ask me, that is one massive contest! The total worth of prizes to be given out is close to half a million Ringgit.
[Proof: (30xRm15,000) + (3xRm5,000) + (jersey value) = Rm465,000 + jersey value]

Luck can only take you to this far. Coupled with perseverance and the will the win, you and your friends could be a lucky winner walking home with half a million dollars. (That is assuming that you and your friends won everything, which is not an impossible case)

All you need to do is:
Collect Mister Potato Seal and Poach.
3 points = 160g canister seal
2 points = 85g bag
1 point = 55g bag
Collect the most points, mail it to Kilang Makanan Mamee and the prize is yours to claim.

I reckon there are a few ways to claim the prize that is rightfully yours:
1) Play fair. Collect points as you enjoy the snack.
2) Play dirty. Sabotage other participants. (This can be done if you work for the post office or the nuclear bomb factory)

We bloggers play fair, and we hope that you play fair. We do not condone to sabotage acts [though you are free to explore into this option].

Lets face it. We live in a world filled with trades. You have to offer something to get something in return. To get prizes, you need to offer points. To get points, you need to have Mister Potato Snacks. Indeed, there is lots of ways to get those Mister Potato Snack you crave for. One way to do that is offer free stuff.

And this is what I did to get my share of Mister Potato:
In front of the ultimate pillar of Mister Potato, I offered something close to my heart, a warm hug.
A hug with no unnecessary additive.

I understand that passion is often the fuel for creation. Can you take the heat?
Above the streets of Mister Potato, is the famous landmark where I’ll make my move.

What makes something so unforgettable? I’m guessing it has something to do with chemistry.
Free Kisses, I’m sure its gonna attract all the pretty ladies, especially when I try to act cute.

Anything for a bite!
Kisses simply aren’t kisses without passion are they?

Real Life Goodness!
I did manage to get a few hugs from strangers. (see! Even without mister potato, they are willing to hug me. If each of them has a canister of mister potato, I can definitely win this contest!)

There is something great about such acts that encourage people to give out Mister Potato. Only the finest Mister Potato, carefully selected to retain their wholesomeness, are perfected into the ultimate snack. What you get is 100% imported experience. Go on, try this stun and find out what you have been missing all this while – the fresh taste victory coupled with lots of Mister Potato.
Then again, My 5 other groupmates sent me here to Sydney to gather some Mister Potato chips. A couple of Aussies promised that they'll buy em online and send it over to me by post. I'm so touched by them.

That’s how you play fair and get lots of Mister Potato. Well, if you still opt for dirty tricks, do drop some suggestion. I'm sure we can find a way to make it legal. **evil grin**

Simon Seow [Top Left]
Aronil [Top Right]
Nicole [Middle]
ChicsInRed [Bottom Left]
Andy [Bottom Right]
Stalker [Bottom Middle]

Fact time:
1) In UK, they call french fries, chips. And potato chips in UK are known as crisps.
2) This group I'm with is the first group to post Project Trafford in full detail. [To be successful, you either have to be the first, or different]

Now that we have teach you how to make it big, Would you join contest such as these?


YEONG said...

now i do hope your team to win! what awesome entry! :)

chics said...

What a structured entry, suddenly I feel so malu :P.

Good work Kif!

Aronil said...

ooh i love the combined part that was really neat :) And who's the stalker? and i recognise my mister potato process up there :P

Eryn said...

Best of luck to you and your team. =D

Simon Seow said...

Yeah, I like the combined pic too. Nicely done.

QuaChee said...

u really took time with the combined pic :)

Simon Seow said...

Hey want me to send some Mister Potato to you from Malaysia?

-popjammerz- said...

Haha...free hugs again!i like it!
the stalker is YOU!!! that's ur jacket right... :P

"To be successful, you either have to be the first, or different" - this quote is good!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

im worried by the time u collect the prize you already become fat ass hospitalized overdosed cholesterol


amei79 said...

wish ur team good luck in the contest...gambate
Anyway, dont eat too much of potato chips (junk foods), no good for health & money wasted!

Nikkiko said...

LOL. okay, now then i understand what was with the Project Trafford.

hope you've had fun giving free hugs and kisses ;P

hmm, i've yet to see that happen in singapore yet. people can be so grumpy!

Enigma said...

Best Wishes, surely you'll win.Njoy ur time as well..

BaiXueGongZu said...

I like your photos!
Especially the last one. Its very artistic. Mainly black and white while the main focus is highlighted with colour.

Mia Blog4me said...

very impressive :) good work!

3POINT8 said...

Thanks! I hope so too.

Ahaha, dun say like that.
we are team yes? we all did good!

Yaya. the combined part, took me hours to do it. And The stalker? Could be mister potato himself hiding in the shadows.

3POINT8 said...

Thanks thanks!

[Simon Seow]
Thanks! I love my work too.

Yup yup. Since this is grp thing, might as well put in more effort. So that the whole group shine together. Don't u think so?

3POINT8 said...

[Simon Seow]
I Want! I want mister potato. Send to me send to me. SO that I got something to offer to nicole for a hug when she comes down to sydney.

You are Sharp! yup yup. That is me!

[Ron Jerem Lee]
dun worry! i got fast metabolism. Have you heard? I'm a superhero capable of liquidating cholesterol!

3POINT8 said...

Thats why our team is doing this. We can always take the free mister potato, throw away all the chips but keep the seal and pouch and submit it to the contest

Yup yup. I had fun here!
Cheer up. Next time i go s'pore, I can offer a free hug to you.

Thanks thanks! I sure did enjoy this project

3POINT8 said...

Ahahaha.... thanks for the compliment. I personally think the last photo is the highlight of this post.

[Mia Blog4me]
Thanks thanks!
Do come back for more ya!

Ted said...

the hugging thing is err interesting!! hahaha... u really did dat on the street ah?! try doing in Malaysia, kena saman laaa!! hahahah

Virtual Hugger said...

Ah! So this is what project trafford is all about.
I'll send you a virtual hug! Will you give me 1 mister potato?