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20 September 2007

Valentine Rose

Princess Eileen asked: "Eh, what's with the rose ar? A symbol of yours?"

Are you referring to this rose Princess Eileen??
I'm gonna blog about this rose even if she is not referring to this one. Ahaha...I've been wanting to blog about this for a long time, but i didn't cause I'm waiting for someone to ask about it! [What to do?? I'm a egoistic person!] :P

Short Version:
"A valentine rose for a girl. Shipped all the way to Russia from Malaysia, to Yuin Yin, 2006"
[If you are thinking: "Awww...that's sweet! I wish someone sends a rose to me!" Then read no further! The long version is gonna ruin your imagination!]

Long Version:
Cutting stickers is my hobby! Usually I cut sticker and give it out to my close friends or relatives. I believe in handmade presents! If I'm giving out a sticker, it means that I am willing make the effort to spend a whole day (or more) designing a unique sticker design and cut it out for them! I regard them as the best gift I can come out with to anyone from the bottom of my heart. And I take pride in my stickers because of the amount of time and effort I spent in every single one of them. One more thing, I do not cut the same sticker design twice! I want to make my creation as unique as possible. 'One of a kind' is the way to go!

This 'Valentine Rose' is my 1st rose sticker! [To date, I have only cut 2 rose stickers!]

Early January 2006, I was sitting alone in my room wanting to talk to a friend. But as I skim through my phonbook, I realised that I couldn't call anyone! But I really want to talk to someone, coz I was feeling kinda lonely back then. Then I began to wonder: "It would be nic if someone would just call me to check how am I doing!" As I thought more about it, I began to dwell deeper. "Wouldn't it be nice if someone can send a postcard to me for no reason...Or it could be something else, anything....just as long as someone gives me the feeling that I'm somebody in their life!"

And of course, I felt more miserable, feeling as if something is missing in me. Suddenly something caught my attention and my perception began to shift. I thought: "If no one is going to call me or send something to me....Why not I send something to them. So that at least they are not going to feel as shitty as I am feeling right now".

I looked at the calender and 14th of Feb caught my eye. Automatically, I am already thinking of a person. [Its like that kind of feeling when you listen to your all time favorite love song and a person comes into mind...Only 1 person!]

The next thing I knew, I was spending the whole of January looking, searching for an image of a rose suitable to be a sticker! And I did found one, the 'Valentine Rose'. At the same time, I had to find out the exact address where YuinYin in residing. So, I had to 'kguai kguai shii shii" contact her housemate, Melissa to get her address. Until today I still can't believe that I actually asked a favour from a total stranger to reveal her address so that I could get to her housemate! Back then, I never had have contact with Melissa before. All I know is that Melissa is Yuin Yin's housemate. So, mailing Melissa back then was kinda awkward.

Early feb, I had the image printed out and I was cutting the sticker already. By the time I was done with it, I was very eager to mail it out to Russia. I had my mom to mail out the sticker the next day! I still remembered the expression on my mom's face when I said that I wanted to mail something out to Russia. She knew that I'm planning to send this 'Valentine Rose' and I guess she didn't want to ask anything much about it. [I guess she must be thinking: "Young kids nowdays!]

Anyway, I had the sticker sent out from malaysia a 4~5days before valentine's day. I thought it's gonna arrive there at the right moment. But I was very wrong. YuinYin commented that she received it 2 weeks after Valentine's Day.... [Sigh...What was I thinking??]

For some reason, I hardly contact her anymore ever since...
You know how some people love to say: "There are alot of other fishes out there..."
I have a lot of such people as my friend. Even until now, I don't know whether to listen to them or not. [For those who always wondered why I still don't have a gf... I don't know what to say...]

There are times when I wonder, 'Maybe true love exist. Only idiots like believe in them.'
Anyway, I was kinda disappointed to hear that she have a bf already....
Oh well, life goes on...

[Oh for those who are curious about the 2 sticker roses, the 1st one was for YuinYin and the 2nd one is a gift for mother's day!] [Will I be cutting the 3rd one? Guess not....]


Princess Eileen said...

haha... it seems like I always ask questions that kinda make ppl think/recall. Oh my... dunno this is observant or just I am kinda curious about little things that people will ignore.

I wonder if this memory actually brings you a bit of sour feeling or makes u smile of some lil' things you did previously.

Haha.. trust me.. there will be at least a 3rd rose :)

Nux V said...

such a long story for a simple question..wuahahaha

3POINT8 said...

[Princess Eileen]
Ya... I love that question of yours! It did bring back some sweet memories.. Must learn from you someday on how to be more observant!!

[Nux V]
Yaya! Coz the rose means a lot to me. :)