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30 September 2007

Perceive beyond the sphere

Ever heard of the saying 'Think outside the box'?
I don't know about you guys, but I get that all the time. Maybe because I'm not thinking outside the box. But wait... What does 'Think outside the box' really means? Does it mean that someone is trying to encourage creative thinking, bizarre ideas and unorthodox methods?

Well then, If someone is always caught saying 'Think outside the box', could it be that someone is encouraging you to think in a different way? At the same time, It doesn't seemed that he/she is giving a good example either. I mean, if that person is trying to encourage creative thinking, why are they still using the same generic popular saying over and over again? That isn't very creative is it?
Don't they ever say something like 'Perceive beyond the sphere' or some saying that will just blow your mind away.

Perceive beyond the sphere
----> KokFye
What is the most creative quote that you have ever come up with?


Nux V said...

lol, u r thinking outside the box for the quote 'thinking outside the box'!!
i dun invent my own quotes, but i use to twist the meaning of them...
Sometime ago, my mum told me one chinese quote "Early Bird always get the worm", jst to advise me to wake up early. I twisted the sayings with my own version, from the worm's perspective. It sounds like this: "Early worms will be caught by birds". Since i m the lazy worm, why should i get to wake up early? i will end up being caught by bird.
anyway, tis is a nonsense quote ;P

Princess Eileen said...

Wakaka, nux V you are such a smart gal. Eh, it is Monday, must you all make my lazy brain think!??!? Sob, suffering from Monday blues... I got many quotes in my life, but normally not creative one wor.

Let me squeeze out a quote.... Aiya, dunno... but I do like to use this "Dun talk da talk, walk da walk." Wuakaka... do I sound very hip hop :P I talk funny on Mondays, ignore me :P

3POINT8 said...

[Nux V]
Ahaha, Early worms will be caught by birds! That is a pretty good one! Thanks to you, I now have a valid excuse not to wake up early.

[Princess Eileen]
"Dun talk da talk, walk da walk". This is one classic quote! It sure brings back memories...

Jade Z. said...

the 1St time i heard the quote "think outside the box" was when i read it on a newspaper 's frontpage and it was said by our favorite Dr. Abdullah Badawi . hahaha !!!

3POINT8 said...

[jade z.]
Haha, then i think this is your first time exposed to the quote "Perceive beyond the sphere"

Meiyi said...

Just stumbled upon ur blog, v interesting quote "percieve beyond the sphere", like it so much haha. what about "look above the triangle" :P lol my dad always says early bird catches the worm coz i never get up early if i don't have to, so i always tell him i don't eat worms. haha lame i know, but it works :P

3POINT8 said...

Ooo ooo...your first comment here! Haha...Look above the triangle! Haha.. And you don't eat worms! LOL!!!