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07 September 2007

Tag-10 gorgeous girls [Updated1]

Tagged by Adyla
[Let's see if I can make you scroll down and up twice]

Name 10 friends from the opposite sex.
1. Adyla
2. Eunice
3. Evangeline
4. FoonLing
5. LeeNa
6. Lissya
7. Melissa
8. Prin.Eileen
9. Nux
10. YuinYin

Would you rather party with 1 or 7 ?
[1] Adyla [7] Melissa

Marry 2 or 6 ?
[2] Eunice [6] Lissya
Coin says head.

Kill 3 or 8 ?
[3] Evangeline [8] Prin.Eileen
This is a very awkward question.

Date 9 or 10 ?
[9] Nux [10] Yuin Yin
I'm getting very uncomfortable now

Make out with 4 or 7 ?
[4] Foon Ling [7] Melissa
No comment.

Cuddle with 6 or 8 ?
[6] Lissya [8] Prin.Eileen

Have kids with 4 or 5 ?
[4] Foon Ling [5] LeeNa

Live with 1 or 9 ?
[1] Adyla [9] Nux
I've never in my life met Adyla nor Nux before

Be stuck on an island with 2 or 5 ?
[2] Eunice [5] LeeNa
I'll leave it to fate.

Trade lives with 8 or 10 ?
[8] Prin.Eileen [10] Yuin Yin
Whoa..tough 1. Both live an interesting life.

Wake up next to 4 or 9 ?
[4] Foon Ling [9] Nux
This is very tricky

Completely disown 3 or 7 ?
[3] Evangeline [7] Melissa

[3] Evangeline. I think her eyes very seductive.

[10] Yuin Yin. I only start to look out for other people's smile after realizing YY's beautiful smile.

[3] Evangeline. Evangeline is very beautiful!!!

Body ?
[9] NuxV. Judging from mybloglog, she has a very attractive body.

Abs ?
*3POINT8 believe that he doesn't have the approval required to reveal his thoughts*

Ass ?
*3POINT8 believe that he doesn't have the approval required to reveal his thoughts*

[8] Prin.Eileen. She has the title of 'Princess'. How cool is that? [Princess Eillen sounds high-class and stylish!]

Has 3 ever hurt you?
[3] Evangeline. In reality, no. In my dreams, a subtle yes...

Have you ever hurt 4 ?
[4] FoonLing. Once or twice. And now, I have to be polite to her to atone for my mistakes.

Who’s the funniest ?
[3] Lissya. She brings laughter to the hearts of everyone she encounter.

Can you beat up 8 ?
[8] Prin.Eileen. In a game of tetris, I can!

When was the last time you saw 9 ?
[9] Nux. I've never met her in real life before.

Who’s the smartest ?
[4] FoonLing. I think she is the most successful girl, hence the smartest!

How long have you known 2 ?
[2] Eunice, 4.4years.

What would you do if 1 and 6 started fighting ?
[1] Adyla [6] Lissya
I'll blog about it!

Who is dating 6/crushing on ?
[6] Lissya. *Dear reader, 3POINT8 is unavailable at the moment*

Does 7 smell good ?
[7] Melissa. I would think so. A fashionable girl has to have a collection of perfume in her wardrobe, don't they?

Who will you still be talking to in 15 years ?

I tag: I'm not gonna tag anyone until I can complete my own tag.

Note from 3POINT8: I can't do this tag properly because it involves the emotional state of 10 girls. However, if they comment something saying like: "I'll give you the permission to express your opinion about me in any way that you like", then I'm gonna be really honest about it. Heck, I won't even hold back on my cruel comments. Muahahaha. [Only the ones underlined are honest statements from 3POINT8]


buta chan said...

Hmm.. おもしろいにっきですよ。
Kif u r treading on dangerous ground there! hahas!
But I give u the go ahead to say whatever. Hahas..

Nux V said...

whoa....wut a tag u've got!!!
if i were u, i might not hav the guts to complete it...muahaha...

adyla said...

hehe thanks 4 doin it...
doi yours in no time...

liz q said...

ow, been sometimes since i read ur blog.. i dont even read my blog that often now -_-'' anyway, funny tag .. -_-''

anyway, i'll pick u up tonite

Princess Eileen said...

Wakaka... let me summarize KILL, CUDDLE, TRADE LIFES & I got style. Eh, very controversial leh... Wakakaka... the first is KILL, my reaction is like WTH... Then comes with cuddle... Oh my, you like to cuddle dead person???? And then you wanna trade life with dead person? Hehehe... ok, just kidding. Very interesting. Thanks for the tag, makes me lol :)

3POINT8 said...

[Buta chan] Yes, Dangerous Grounds. Thats why I'm so cautious. I always hear that a women's wrath is...something something. I can't remember the saying. But I know I have to be careful. I won't want Evangeline to declare cold war on me.

[Nux V] Awww...come on..do the tag, do the tag!!! It'll be fun!! Maybe you'll get to discover something.

[Adyla] Thanks for the tag! I sure got quite a number of response from this tag!

[Liz q] Thank you! Appreciated that night. You know liz, you are the best friend anyone can have! Keep on smiling!

[Princess Eileen] Ya hor...come to think about it, it does feel like I'm obsess with a dead person. No wait, but you are different... I think you are a great Princess, even as a dead Princess. LOL!!! Btw, this comment of your very funny! =D

Princess Eileen said...

I am flattered... Blushing... Wakakaka

Now I know you are weird... :P