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16 September 2007

Back to blogging!

Dear Readers,
I got back my laptop. I'm back to blogging!
Acer did pretty good job in replacing my faulty hardware part. Previously I was having problem with my laptop fan. I produces a streaking sound and gets really loud whenever the laptop is getting hot. Actually the fan is still working, and it performed a pretty good job in cooling my laptop.. Its just that I can't take the noise from the fan anymore. That's why I had my laptop serviced to get rid of the noise. Instead of fixing/cleaning/servicing, Acer replaced the fan! Now, I have a brand new fan in my laptop. Even though the new fan is making some noise, but thankfully, it's much better than the previous fan. Plus plus, my fan gained a new ability! It is able to cool water into ice!!! I love Acer!

There was another matter that I was amazed by Acer. On the day when I brought my laptop for service, I told the receptionist that the 'Ctrl' key on my laptop is a bit wonky. Sometimes the 'ctrl' key doesn't work, but 90% of the time, it does work. They said that they'll check that for me. Yup they did check that, and they replaced the whole keyboard! Now, I have a brand new keyboard thanks to Acer. They replaced my whole keyboard! Not just the 1 'ctrl' key, but they replaced the whole thing! I love Acer!

However, there is one thing that ticks me off. It took them 2 weeks to service my laptop! 2 freaking weeks! If my profession is a full time professional blogger, I would have suicide on the 2nd hour without my laptop. I'll probably swallow a whole mp3 player and choke myself to death. Worst thing was they did not contact me when the laptop was ready. I had to call them to ask for the status of my laptop. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they dialed the wrong number and contacted Bull Gate instead...
"I should Look at the bright side!" - I got back your laptop, and it looks brand new! What else more would I ask for? [Come to think about it, I regretted that I didn't ask for a free Acer pen! Sigh...]

Despite that, I love my Laptop! And since my laptop is from Acer, I guess I have no choice other to love Acer as well.
With a new keyboard and a new fan! Woohoo!!! [Dang, I should have complained about my DVD Drive as well. Maybe they'll replaced that part for me too!]


Nux V said...

hmnnn..someone got a 'brand new laptop'...wuakakaka...

Princess Eileen said...

Hehehe... I also owned a acer laptop! Congrats from coming back!!!

Congratulations & celebrations! (music on)

3POINT8 said...

[Nux V & Princess Eileen] Gee...I feel welcomed! Feels warm and fuzzy.