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21 February 2007

[Photo] B'day Photos

Last December was the month I came back home, to m'sia....And I'll be flying back to sydney this friday (23rd Feb 2007).
For the 2months ++ I've been here in msia, these are the only photos I'm in. [B'day Photos]

I'm gonna be someone great someday! Ask my burning desire and its gonna scorch you to death. Thus making me a far too important person to do photo editting, so I ripped those photos off from Ms.Wendy's Blog.
Say what?? Ripped??
Yup. I got the photos from her blog, linked up to my blog and the best part is.....I did not ask for her permission to do so. Well...friends do not sue each other. Considering Ms.Wendy is 1 of my close friends, its only natural that I expect her to act as a true friend..
Besides, I just have the feeling that she won't mind at all. Be happy, its all been verified by my 6th sense.

Hhhmmm....Somehow I sense someone or something is going to smite me soon...
Oh well, I guess I shouldn't be mindful of anyone smiting anyone anytime soon. According to the weather forecast, the weather is gonna be dry and sunny for these few days.


LaYpOhLaS said...

haha...funny la the way u put it. sixth sense verification. *swt*

liz Q said...

hm.. i wish i was there~

3POINT8 said...

Haha...The 6th sense thing, got the inspiration from Dilbert's Blog. It was more like imitating his style of composition...

Liz, be happy... there is always a next time..