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27 February 2007


Recent research suggests that as many as one in 50 people may suffer from some degree of face blindness. I may be 1 of them.

Prosopagnosia....What the heck is that??
Prosopagnosia also known as face blindness. It is a disorder where by victims can't remember a person's face even though they have seen the face a thousand hundred times... Sometimes it's so bad that patients of prosopagnosia can't remember their own face.

So, how do i know that I'm suffering from Prosopagnosia??
Most of the time, I can't follow the pace of a movie...I'm having difficulties in differentiating all the characters in the movie... And there are a lot of times when I can't recognise the person who greeted me. [At those times, I just play along acting like a dumb kid often with a big grin on my face.]
Sometimes it gets so bad that I almost mistake myself as a super leng chai in front of the mirror... hey, I may be exaggerating, but i can't deny the fact that I'm probably suffering from mild Prosopagnosia...

So, if I do not wave back the next time you see me on the streets, I may have forgotten how you look like... But that doesn't mean that I have forgotten about your existence. I know who you are, just that i forgot how you look like..
However do say 'hi' to me whenever you see me. You might just get to know a new friend if that person ain't me....


liz Q said...

this is interesting, kif.. i too have that kind of disorders.. most of the time, when i watch a movie, for me all faces look similar. do u know the movie GOOD SHEPERD? for me all the old people there look similar.. i was so confused and so i didnt understand the story.. lol~ good post!

3POINT8 said...

Sad isn't it??
Sigh, its tough not remembering a new found friend....