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13 February 2007

Karate Bash

Last sunday was my last day of Karate Class in SMKSJ for the year as I'll be going off to sydney soon in a few more days...
[Yup, for those who do not know, I'm in Karate! And for those who are curious, I still go for my secondary school karate class even though I've graduated from the school 5 years ago...]

Well, since its my last karate class, might as well make the best out of it.
Naturally, I challenged 3 black belt seniors for a final fight! [Kim Han, Daniel Alfred, and Kelvin, 3 of my close pals in the Karate Club.. These 3 are few of best in terms of Kumite in our Karate Class]
Just like last year, we spar with all we have till we get bruises, cuts, and blisters. Of course, we did it with a goodwill of sportmanship. We hurt and blast each other all we can and we shook hands after that. It was all great fun. I haven't had the chance to sweat it all out in such a long time...

I was on fire that day! Didn't even feel the pain until much later after the all Kumite fights. I kept on going even with the huge blister on both my feet. I tell you, I was on adrenaline rush that day!
And the pain...was their farewell gift for me before I leave m'sia.
Just like last year.