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20 December 2008

[Sneak Preview] 3POINT8's xmas present

Kif thinks dropping mail in the mailbox is fun --- 3.8
Remember this post when I try to imitate Santa by giving out xmas gifts?

I was thrilled when my mailbox got flooded with xmas wishlists. I can now die happy having experienced how Santa felt at a much smaller scale. That was my goal, to experience how Santa feels when people mail in their wish list.
I may be a cheap imitation of Santa and I openly admit that I do not own any toy workshop, reindeer, or magic sleight. Not to mention, I'm not as powerful as Santa who can visit homes, steal milk and cookies and leave a present behind.

Despite that, I believe in the Santa spirit of receiving joy by giving. So, these daring souls who mailed me will get a snail mail along with their present request.

I sent out everything on the 18th of Dec and I hope that it reaches to you before xmas. Here is a sneak preview of what I've sent out.

Btw, I do not expect anything in return. If you however insist on paying back the favor, Pay it Forward instead. [Here is how you can Pay it Forward: Link]

For those who received a mail from me, I would appreciate it if you would inform me when the mail arrives. This is so that I can make up for the missing mail by sending an image what your xmas present could have been

For those who missed out, There is always next year.

Assuming Santa exist and he is definitely going to give you a present on Christmas.
1) Would you prefer him to give you a sneak preview whats in the present? OR
2) Would you prefer him not to tell you anything about it until Christmas day?

[Top Comment by foongpc]
Wow! Become Santa for a day? That'll be quite an experience! I prefer Santa to give me what I want so there'll be no element of surprise! LOL!


curryegg said...

Ahhww... you are a sweet santa, that's for sure.. :)
I shall wait for your gift.. Thank ya Santa!


Lisa said...


linking you just because you are so kind :P

Alpha Whale said...

Upon receiving said gift, your name will be splayed across my blog for sure friend :D

Merry Christmas Kif!

foongpc said...

Wow! Become Santa for a day? That'll be quite an experience! I prefer Santa to give me what I want so there'll be no element of surprise! LOL!

Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog! : )

Lisa said...

I prefer not to know what is the present so that it will turned up as a surprise for me....

but then again, by knowing about it also i wont be too disappointed if its not what i like ....


Cmate said...

No sneak preview for me, Santa... dont want the surprise to be spoilt!

Tekkaus said...

I salute you man! Perhaps you'll get a very, very big present from santa himself on x'mas. Who knows. =)

tipsgoda said...

what a great thing u did there..all the them will be happy..

Nicole said...

omg. i totally love that "mini" ipod!!! so cute!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

Anonymous said...

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xuen adyla said...

wow that look pretty.
love the color..
n btw if we went out shopping..
i might even let u pick up a dress..
u have taste and it wasn't disaster or harmful..

merry x mas

Lisa said...

thanks to you, I got my Xmas card with tatty teddy on it :D

hahah thanks for this kind simple gift :)

zhengdhong said...

hey! i received your christams card already! thanks a lot! XD

bryanlyt said...

ahah tq 3.8! received my 'quiksilver' stuff ard lolol!

Anonymous said...

Well I to but I dream the brief should have more info then it has.