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28 December 2008

3POINT8's Christmas Present 2008

Before Christmas, I did announced that I would give out Christmas present for those who submit their Christmas wishlist to my mail. [link] Now that Christmas is already over, it is time for Santa 3point8 to reveal what he has sent out so far. (Thankfully less than 10 people mailed me their wishlist. Had the number be bigger, I wouldn't be able to send a present to everyone.)

Everyone gets a present from me in a form of a sticker. Yes, a limited-edition custom-made handcraft sticker by 3point8. You won't find this in any stores. Plus, a personalised stamp is attached to every mail.

Teddy Bear seems to be a popular choice. Then there is a wish for an Ipod, Billabong wallet, and a laptop (specifically a HP laptop). Among the mails I've received, There are 3 unusual christmas wish I would like to mention:
1) A Voucher from borders. (I found an online expired voucher. I was so tempted to print out the expired voucher and say: "Here you go, your xmas present. Travel back in time to 2006 and you can use this voucher")
2) Christmas Spirit. (The only non-material christmas wish I received. I wonder how would Santa deal with this. I'm just glad no one asked for intangible things like loyalty, manners or happiness because I wouldn't know how to deal with them.)
3) My signature. (I felt all mighty and popular the moment I saw this christmas wish. It made me feel like a celebrity knowing that my signature has value to someone.)

Receiving Christmas wishlist like these got me thinking:
If 3.8billion people send their wishlist to the REAL Santa, he is bound to receive some unusual wishlist. I wonder what would be the most bizzare christmas wish Santa would receive.

My Christmas Stickers are featured in:

[Top Comment by Jonfun]
Hey Santa, I'm afraid you will have to work a little bit longer now because you're sending one of those hand made First Day Covers to me! Haha... Sorry for the short notice :-P I'll email you my home address soon. Thanks ya!


curryegg said...

Thank Kif for the gift. Thank you santa.. ^_^

BLue said...

Santa wanna be, where's my pressie??? T_T

3POINT8 said...

Be patient. You send in your mail after the deadline, so for your punishment, you'll get your pressie after christmas. Wukakaka

Jacquelyn said...

Hehe! I saw my Ipod nano :)

Thanks again for everything *hugs*

food-kids-recipe said...

its so creative design :D

Alpha Whale said...

I got mine on Christmas Eve :D

Never got on here to thank you though; good creative response and it certainly did bring some spirit to my christmas. (And while you included your return address, I never got your birthDATE).

Hail Kif.

Lisalicious said...

hey thanks for the tatty teddy....
will be featuring u soon :D

QuaChee said...

heya santa, i missed this. haha.

but does santa do chinese new year? hehe :)

pinksterz said...

hahahahaha damn bad la you want to give expired voucher hahaha.

QuirkyLilPrincess said...

now i wished i sent my request in,the stickers are so cool!!!

Simon Seow said...

Thanks for the gift. Real thoughtful.

jonfun said...

Hey Santa,

I'm afraid you will have to work a little bit longer now because you're sending one of those hand made First Day Covers to me! Haha... Sorry for the short notice :-P I'll email you my home address soon. Thanks ya!

Lisalicious said...

featured you today, check it out

Cmate said...

Don't I get one?


happy 2009!

foongpc said...

Hey, how come I didn't know about this? : )
I think Santa will definitely get some very weird wish lists. How about getting Rudolph the red nosed reindeer as my pet?

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

ho ho ho 3point8 Santa :) Happy New Year to you too. How are you keeping la? and nice touch man giving away a blogger's pressie lol

rainingheaven said...

the stamp is wonderful.. great idea!

Anonymous said...

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foongpc said...

Hi there!!

As the end of 2008 is drawing near,
Gone are Santa and his reindeers,
And we all switch to high gears,
To celebrate the countdown of the coming year.

I want to let you know you’re a great blogger,
So much so that I’m thinking of making myself your Follower,
It does not matter whether you are far or near,
You’ve brought me much laughters and tears.

So before you get drunk with that last glass of beer,
Waiting for 2009 to appear,
Let me wish you now and here,
A very happy & smashing new year!!
: )

C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

Hey 3.8 .. Happy new year Ya!!! may 2009 be a better year than 2008 for you ya!! Looking forward for your next post.