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18 December 2008

My xmas wish

Christmas is exactly 7 days from today. The way I see it, its still not too late to request for a present from Santa. Assuming I send a mail to the north pole, I have four working days before christmas, adequate time for a regular mail to travel 10,000km from Australia, I hope.

On second thought, I don't think so. Perhaps I'll just post my xmas wish list online and hope for Santa to stumble upon my blog.

To Santa,
I've been a good boy this year Santa. For that reason, you should give me what I want for xmas this year Santa. Santa, my wish for this year is a chimney. I always wanted a chimney because then I have a good excuse to bring girls over to my place. But thats not the main reason to why I want a chimney. I want a chimney because I believe it's so much easier for you to travel into my place. It's also so that you won't have to worry about my neighbours calling the cops because if i have a chimney, you won't need to break into my house like last year.

Imagine santa, having that nice home made cookie with a warm glass of milk after a rough journey through the chimney. Sounds nice to you eh? (I'm sorry santa that I accidentally mixed dishing washing liquid in the expired milk last year. I promise it won't happen again this year. After all, every kid would definitely put the blame on me if they knew that you couldn't drop off presents last year because I made you sick)

I really want a chimney for this Christmas. If possible, could you install a couple of spikes, barbwires, lasers, spinning blades and trap door in between the fireplace and the opening of the chimney. And also, do install a couple of CCTV. I want to upload a video on Youtube about busting the myth that a overweight fat man with a long beard can't survive something like that.,

But really santa, I've been a good boy this year and I deserve a chimney. Remember how I helped you eliminated your competition by putting everyone who gives out free stuff, out of business?

Then again, I would understand if you can't give me a chimney this xmas. I know times are bad, shares are falling down and you probably have to mortgage the whole of North Pole to banks which might go bankrupt soon. Plus, I live a comfortable life and I understand that other unfortunate kids deserve xmas gifts more than I do. So, I wouldn't blame you if you give a chimney to every kid who lives in poverty.

Coming to this paragraph, I changed my mind. I realized that I didn't really want a chimney. What I really want this year for xmas is to defame you, Santa. I've been a good boy this year, Santa. Could you defame yourself and treat it as a xmas present to me?

Yours Sincerely,
Someone who believes in Santa

Speaking of santa, what do you think of people who send mails to Santa?
Dreamers, Opportunist or Idiots?

[Top Comment by AshleyTwoFish]
dreamers. who just wanna hang on to every little bit children's hope. merry xmas.


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Hmmm.. believers :D

ehhh I did draw him as gay tho XD lol hahahahaha

Ashley Two Fish said...

dreamers. who just wanna hang on to every little bit children's hope. merry xmas.

QuaChee said...

lol. hope u had a good christmas. btw here's a happy new year :)