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05 June 2007


Today is 1 of those days when I felt truly relaxed, glad, and delighted. I can't remember when was the last time I've had this kind of feeling but it sure was a long long time ago.

Remember the 11assignments I was moaning about in my msn messenger??
The biggest baddest most hectic among the 11 assignments is over today! It was a robot design assignment where a group of 5 are required to build a robot. Today was the presentation day where we have to show our creation. Even though our robot is the 1 of the least impressive robots as compared to the other 7 groups, I felt happy about the presentation. Not because that the assignment is over and done with, but rather I felt happy over a few related experience.

1) This is probably the first time that I've delivered an impromptu speech. People who knows me back in my college knows that I've done a lot of presentation and that I'm one of the best presenters around. But today, I was proud that I delivered an impromptu speech, something that I've never thought I'll be able to perform. For all my previous speeches, I rehearshed a million times before the big day. During presentations, I used to focus more on the next word or the next sentence I'm about to mention (I usually memorize my speech). But today, rather than thinking on what word to say next, I focused on more about the idea that I'm about to deliver, and the words automatically comes out!! It's quite an experience. I can't explain it, but its somewhat similiar to those 'Speak your mind' kind of experience where you are able to deliver precisely what you are thinking at the moment. At the end of the presentation, I believed that I did really good for the presentation, and thats why I felt proud for making a successful impromtu speech.
Well, one might ask why the sudden change in presentation style?? I mean, its the biggest and the meanness presentation of the session, shouldn't I be practising the style which I'm more accustomed with?? Shouldn't I memorise everything and make sure I score big time?? Impromptu speeches are great, but there is chance that I might mess up the whole presentation if I'm not used to it....So, why the sudden change??
Simple, I ran out of time. I was still fixing the robot the day before the presentation and the whole night is spent on perfecting the powerpoint presentation slides. So yea, I didn't have time to structure my speech word by word.

2) Gonna blog about the 2nd thing tommorrow. This one is a lil bit heart touching to me...

Man, I'm so happy I'm gonna call a friend tomorrow!!!!