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01 June 2007

Making Yourself More Likable at Work

Making Yourself More Likable at Work

This is a very good article from Yahoo! Finance.
Looks like I got a long long way to go before I become a people's people.

lets see...
1st, I gotta shy away from quietness and be a bit lil louder!!
2nd, Emotions emotions...have to remove those thick emotion walls of mine soon...
3rd, By not being a smug... I must be a bit daring to ask for help, and be a lil bit more appreciative than usual...
4th, be a lil bit less obsessed with work. I tell you, Perfection is a curse!!!

People of the world, any suggestions on how I can achieve the above statement???
Do you share the same problem?? If so, what are u planning to do about it?? If not, how did u do it??


liz q said...

hmm.. never really think about it leh...
1. shy.. yeah i get shy with new people. i like to blush too -_-'' geez... that make me looked unprofessional haha..
2. emotions.. i think my emotions explains all. worse thing, i cant keep the emotions that are not supposed to be shown! -_-'' grrrh
3. similar like u, cant really ask people for help, especially from boss (e.g dr. mary)
4. er... this one... i think i must be MORE obsessed with work hahahahaha..

neways, yea people have weakness and strength.. i guess we need to learn to fix our weakness .. but how.. i dunno.. um.. be willing to change even it's a step by step? appreciate critics? experimenting? trying? haha.. dunno~

3POINT8 said...

Appreciate critic
Change it step by step

I'll try!!!
I hope no one freaks up if I suddenly decided to try something fresh