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03 June 2007

Interesting People

Ever wondered why is it so hard to walk when you still a baby crawling on 4 limbs. Ever wondered how natural walking is now that you are walking.
Some say its 'constant practise'... most will say that its 'constant practise'.... and almost everyone says that its 'constant practise'.

Ever wondered how practise makes perfect???
Some say that if you practise a certain thought long enough, it'll one day sip through your subconscious and stays in your mind for a very very very long time.

I made a post 8 months ago stating that Humans are interesting. Back then, I didn't really believe in it even though I made that post. I only thought of a handful people who are truly interesting. Just the 3 or 8 people who seems to lead an interesting life.
I mean, out of all the 3844 people that you know:
how many of them travelled more than 4 countries??
how many of them are popular models/actors??
how many of them are athletic basketball players??
how many of them owns a super owning blog such as [3POINT8 4444]??

I sure don't have many friends such as these people, but 1 thing for sure.. They are all interesting figures!! I think everyone is generally interesting. I'm sure everyone has their own interesting story. Stories which made them who they are right now, the decisions that they made, the mistakes that they have done, the lessons that they have learned and the decisions that they will make in the future.
To have them telling them their own story is one of the best experience ever. Well, a least that is what I would have believed in!!! Though they may not be as interesting as Peter Parker's double life story or Cap.Jack Sparrow's adventure, but at least its some real life story that I can relate to.

Speaking of heroes, this quote comes into my mind:
"Kid, wanna know the truth?? Most true heroes are not mascular, handsome, or even rich. In the real world, most of them have crooked teeth and big belly."

I'm still looking forward on what you think about the previous post [Making Yourself More Likable at Work]. Any suggestions??