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24 March 2011

My old friend, Its been a long time.

Below is an imaginary conversation between the author and his blog:

Me: Hi 3POINT8. Its been a long time haven't it?

3.8: Where have you been? You haven't been blogging for 2 years, you haven't visited for months, and you left without a word.

Me: Yea, sorry about that. I shouldn't have done that. I should have at least bid farewell, shouldn't I?

3.8: You should. So, what happened?

Me: Short Story, Career. Long story; I've found an area of life that i felt should be established at this time. As a result, most of time has been devoted to my career, including our time together. Besides, the starting of a career really does sap the energy out of someone. There is so much to learn, so much to explore.

3.8: I see... So, why come back now?

Me: Honestly I don't know. Cruel as it may sound, but I've thought of abandoning you totally, and really, its the logical thing to do considering i may not come back again after today. I mean really! There are so many factors that deter me from visiting you. Bad internet connection, low motivation, no time, no ideas, you name it.

3.8: Excuses! Those are excuses. If you wanted to pay a visit, you would. So, why come back now?

Me: Why return now? I don't know. Maybe you held so much of my past memories that i felt would be a waste if left just like that. Maybe its because i need a platform to hold my memories, my life, and the perfect candidate is still you.

3.8: So, I'm just a tool?

Me: .......... In a way, yea.

3.8: You ungrateful brat!

Me: Sorry. Why not see it this way. You've been dead. Treat this coming as a resurrection point. I'm offering a chance for you to be alive again. Would you like to take that chance?

3.8: Gee.... I don't know. I felt so used. Whats the point anyway?

Me: You see, writing is still my passion. There is much i want to tell the whole world, but i thought others might judge it as uninteresting, mundane. But you, you never judged my writing. For that, i am grateful. Through you, i can post what I feel like posting. Plus thats what you are good at, thats what you like to do, ain't it?

3.8: If you put that way......... Thats true.

Me: Then lets work together then. I'll come up with ideas, and you could hold these ideas as an open vault. Interesting in working together again?

3.8: Sure. After all, there is little i can do to defy you. The only person who can overwrite you are owners of blogger, which you have admit, seldom interfere with small blogs like me. Alrite, Sure. Let's do this!

Me: But this time, i want to do things differently. Its no longer for the public. Let's make this more personal, shall we?

3.8: Alrite. I trust you. You lead, I'll follow.

*And hence the blog 3POINT8 was reborn with one post. The author misses his blog so much so he could see his blog in his dreams night after night. For a long time, he couldn't confront his own blog fearing he had nothing to write, fearing that he won't be a regular blogger as before. Today he decided to walk closer to his shadow, and found out that a huge shadow do shrink upon confrontation. And so, the author decides to start blogging once again. Today is only one post, It is unsure if the author decides to continue with another posting.

[Back story sounds nice and all, right? If only this is true to the author's real life relationships.]


742 said...

Ever thought of doing scriptwriting?

3POINT8 said...

Scriptwriting? What does it involve?

It sounds mighty interesting. I'll consider giving it a try.

Here is my email add if you would like to reach me: