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31 March 2011

Much more than Cup Noodles

Many things happened this year. There were inspiring stories, there were unfortunate ones. The one major that has been circulating this time around is the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Incident. On the 11March2011, The fourth largest Earthquake ever measured hit japan off the northern coast of the island. If one blow wasn't enough, came in a 13ft wave tsunami that swept away cars, ships, homes and even family ties. Apparently two blows was not enough, because next came the third strike of radiation leak from a major nuclear plant, biggest nuclear accident since Chernobyl.

To illustrate how devastating the incident was, Death toll is close to 11,500, number of missing people is close to 16,500 and Financial damange of 235billion. (information correct up to 31March2011)

Imagine the dire state they are in at thie moment. Cities swept to the ground, shortage of food and supplies, Fear of uncertainty and trauma of loss would be enough to demotivate the country to its knees. It was so bad that even a cup noodle is enough to bring much comfort to survivors. I heard that the nissin cup noodle factory aims to produce more cup noodles during this difficult period to supply the demand from food shortage.

What happened in Japan could happen in any other country on earth. This cave of darkness bears a ray of light that came in a form of support and aid from hundreds of countries and thousands of organisations. It is an inspiring humane story that made the world realise that no man is an island, not even for a country that is comprised of 3000+ islands.

Those are the things that lingered in my thought as i walked pass the Japan Tsunami Relief Booth set up by Malaysian Red Crescent on my way to lunch. For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, it is a booth set up to collect relief fund to aid Japan following a series of unfortunate events.

While having my lonely lunch, I can't help but to think about the people there and the surge of negative feelings that befell them. While i am heartbroken over my recent failed relationship, they are there battling with everyday fear wondering if they can even survive past the day. I guess its not difficult to guess who is having a shittier day.

So, I figured there are people out there who needs hope more than me. Thinking of their situation, my tens of thousand dollar debt that is chaining my life seem so small and powerless now. So, I decided to donate some fund to them. After all, its a small amount that i could do without. I just hope that this small amount brings much hope to those who needs it.

I couldn't help it, but i wondered how many cup noodles could they benefit from this small amount. I'd imagine it would be enough to feed three or four family for a day. Its not so much of the feeding that brought a smile, but the hope i believe it will provide. And for the remaining of the day, I smiled once again, an act i've never been able to do sincerely ever since the breakdown of my relationship months ago.

*Sidenote: While writing this, I found out my keyboard had a stain of water drop. Was it tears? I guess its only manly not admit it was."


ColourfulWorld said...

Your deed will be appreciated by those in need in Japan. Keep it up. I too donated and volunteered socks collection to Japan. We all can contribute sincerely if we want to. =)

Take care bro...

Jz said...

Wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, when would they stop? =[

Saya Heartnet said...

I'm so touched. I'm sure there are others who are also doing the same act as you... =)

curryegg said...

I can understand the part of comparing our feeling of failed relationship to the grief in Japan. The pain is greater. What I've learned is to appreciate each and every moment we have, for good and bad.


JK said...

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