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28 March 2011

Malaysia 3rd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival

On the 18-19th of March, I was at the Putrajaya hot air balloon festival.

For those who are not familiar, Putrajaya hot air balloon is a yearly event where hot air balloons from all over the world gather in one place to be exhibited to be public, an event photographers would be most interested in. This year marks the third time this event has took place in Malaysia.

The main attractions would be the hot air balloons. The interesting ones were the upside down balloons,  there is the animal zoo hot air balloon, and the most epic of all had to be Darth Vader hot air balloon. When it was getting inflated from the ground, everyone had their cameras looked to the sight of Darth Vader balloon. It was so epic that spectator were humming to the tune of the Darth Vader theme song.

Other than the balloons, there were other minor attraction, such as clowns, the tall pirate, airplane rides, night fireworks and all. There was also an extreme sport section where booths were set up for people there to experience wall climbing, archery, orbing, biking, paintball and the likes.

Speaking of extreme sports, I was there throughout Saturday and Sunday to help out for the paintball booth. You see, a bunch of us paintball enthusiast decided to get together and set up a target range for people to shoot some paintball, and at the same time to expose the public all about paintball and the thrill it brings.

Throughout the 2days, I was tasked with a couple of different roles:
- Front Desk Reception
- Field Marshall
- Marketing / Flyer Distributor
- Equipment Guy

All in all, It was a successful event, one in which i learn a lot. Here are some photos

*Disclaimer: None of the firearms displayed above are real. They are for display purpose only.