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09 July 2008

A lost blogpost

*Thurtee... What you doin? Wanna come to my place for a gathering this coming sun? The whole gang will be there*

*Eggy... What you doin? Wanna come to my place for a gathering this coming sun? It'll be great. The whole gang will be there*

*Hey Pointy! How you doin? Wanna come to my place for a gathering this coming sun? It'll be great. The whole gang will be there*

The above would sound familiar if you have organized an huge gathering with friends before. See what was involved? You have to plan for a date & place, make an effort to contact people, send out invitations and wait for their feedback.
If you have done a gathering before, i'm sure you will need to spend some time in making the whole event a success. There are time when someone will call you back while you are watching your favourite show. So, you sacrifice a few mins clip to talk to that guy, and convince them to attend for the party. Sometimes, they call you in the middle of the freaking day while you are taking your sweet nap. (I mean, who calls people in the middle of the day? I call ppl in the middle of the night. Why can't they all do that?)

Anyway, point is... You have to spend a little bit of effort and time to organise something.

What about organising something bigger? Like setting up a club/society/company. It makes me wonder how much effort they have to spend and how much leisure time they had to sacrifice in order to set it up.

Sometimes these people disappear for a while, and suddenly pops up with something that they can be proud of. At this point, I've forgotten what I want to write. And I'm kinda stuck now, not knowing how to continue this article.

But somehow, I still have the urge to write this:
*Hey babe... Nice to meet you! Wanna come to my place for a gathering this coming sun? It'll be great. Put on your sexiest dress coz Brad Pitt and I will be there*


daniel said...

Point, seriously speaking I am lost. Organizing an event is like putting all planning, organizing, leading and control skills in it. You plan the events, you get yourself or someone to organize the event, lead others and last but not least make sure the event doesn't sucks big time with proper quality control. By the way, what are you up to?

BLue said...

Got a gathering next weekend and not sure if I still want to go but most of them come and tell me if you're not going I'm not. I think I need to be there since I pop this question months ago XD

Nikkiko said...

Did someone make you organise something? =X

Enigma said...

Count me in ...:P

Jeffro said...

Ooo Ooo.. if there's any gathering.. Can I join? I wanna join in the fun too! Plssss don't leave me out *being dramatic*

amei79 said...

wanna organize something? at least should have a good leader and a good team, who willing & ready to sacrifice their time & contribute their effort.

joshuaongys said...

lolx... lidat also can ar... let u za dou..

3POINT8 said...

Er... I was referring to the ReviveMyBlog Project actually.

You should go for it! I mean, as you grow older, there will be less gatherings and get together session. Do make good use of these gathering while you are still young

Ahahaha... nupe. I'm terrible at organising get together event. Most of the time, I convince someone to do it for me. Ehehehe

Sure thing! If there is a gathering of some sort, I'll be sure to count you in! (A virtual gathering perhaps)

3POINT8 said...

Sure thing! If there is a gathering, I'll be sure to include you. (Perhaps there will be a virtual gathering. Still trying to come up with ideas on how to make it happen)

Exactly! A good team and leader is what I'm looking for. Geeee... I just hope that there are more people like that in this world

LOL! Of course....
Those are seduction lessons i learnt from pamsong's post!

宝茹 said...

Hahahaha...I was lost too when I read this post. :P Until I read the comments. :P

-popjammerz- said...

yeah planning something and organising really is tough, especialyl if we awnt it to be of bettter quality and something big!!!

yet if we really wanna make it happen, we will be veryw illing to sacrifice, i believe. :)

curryegg said...

Ahww..... Am I on the list?
Well, I saw 'eggy' in there.. is it me? *wink*


Anonymous said...

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