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28 July 2008

Hi Kiffy Boi

No much thing you can comment on? Are you freaking serious or are you just being sarcastic? Either way, I can't tell. Who are you to tell the thought provoker 3POINT8 that you have not much comment on this issue?

Despite not having any comment, this guy actually had the guts to tell me that he wants to share something. And these are the some of the words that he used (in sequence):
"Nice! Button is big and nice, in the right place. Don't shy, show it up. Keep it up. Nice for me"

Alrite, this guy is gonna get it for treating me like this! I won't put up the stuff he wrote. But I won't hide the link either. [Click here to read what he wrote]

If you want the same treatment he gave me, drop him a comment here @ myblog2day's Free Blog Review


phatelara said...

OMG! I read his review! That's not even a good one!! And his English sucks!

Doesn't matter how people review your blog, I like it anyway. :):)

Make Money Blogging said...

phatelara : thanks for your bad comment for my review. I love it ! No matter what comments i receive, i love them ! hahahahahaha !!

Personal blog is very flexible, i comment like no comment, and i just comment on what i feel as a reader..that's it.. so continue your personal blog !

Nikkiko said...


GOODNESS GRACIOUS, I don't think the dude even read your posts! Matter of fact, I don't think he read ANY of the blogs he *koff-ahem-choke* so-to-speak reviewed.

Yea and as said by phatelara above, his eng sucks >.>"

Anonymous said...

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