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17 August 2006


Ninja, a master of silent killing known worldwide as agents of espionage and assassination.

What seems appealing about these ninjas are the myterious aura surrounding their existence. The mere term 'silent-killing' would leave anyone trembling with fear. The usual weapons used by ninja are also interestingly intriguing. Shurikens, kunais, shuken(handclaws), ninja-ken (shorter than a katana, longer than a wakizashi), smokebombs and etc.

Haha, i grew up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, G.I.Joe and playing Mortal Kombat. So yea, the term 'ninja' left quite an impression within me.

Similiarly, their outfit are of an interesting issue. Covered in pure black, exposing only the eye filled with murderous intent.
Speaking of ninja's outfit, have you ever wonder how they come up with those ninja-style mask? Well, here u go!!! Enjoy!!! (For a better view of the picture, click on the pic!)
Warning: Do not walk around the streets dressed up with the 'ninja-style mask'.
Here is an example of what would happen if u do: Man Arrested For Allegedly Wearing Ninja-Like Mask


LaYpOhLaS said...

ahaha...no kidding? someone actually got arrested for wearing a ninja-like mask? what if u shld ever decide to dress up like a ninja for halloween then? kesian betul.haha

4444 said...

Yup, someone got arrested..
however, according to the article, The only day of the year when the rule is dropped is Halloween.

So, waering a mask on halloween is still fine..
Hmm, i wonder if it applies to m'sia....
Can some1 try it out??

littlepolaris said...

ahah u be the 1st to try la. if anything happen i'll go bail u out.

4444 said...

Oh, cool...
since the super leng lui YY is gonna bail me out, why not?
Perhaps i'll do that 1 day...
When that day comes, be sure to prepare to bail me out..

True friends are there for each other... right??