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11 August 2006

[NLP] Cartesian Logic

Anyone who had studied mathematics would be familiar with the cartesian coordinates..
A little bit of info about the cartesian system. As shown in the figure above, there are 4 quadrants in the cartesian system.
1st quadrant: positive X positive Y
2st quadrant: positive X negative Y
3st quadrant: negative X positive Y
4st quadrant: negative X negative Y

In mathematics, the cartesian system is one of the many essential system. This is usually used to plot a graph in order to find out the characteristic of an equation or to to dictate a behaviour of a system.

But did you know that this system can also be applied to language??
In NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), there is a technique known as cartesian questioning..
While asking questions, there are actually 4 ways on how to go about it.
For eg: Why did you do that?
1st quadrant: What would happen if u do that?
2st quadrant: What would happen if u did not do that?
3st quadrant: What would not happen if u do that?
4st quadrant: What would not happen if u did not do that?

Same question structure, 4 different ways of asking with different answer(s) to each question.
Usually people only use the 1st quadrant questioning technique in their life.
But if you are able to use all 4 quadrants of questioning tackfully, you can make them discover something that they would never have come cross their mind. In other words, you can actually help people discover about themselves, or help them helping themselves making important decisions.
Or if you use the 4 quadrant questioning on yourself, you will soon find out that you are entering into a state of breakthrough.
Most of the time, you will be able to come out with additional reasons previously unthought of....

This is a pretty useful technique to psycho people.
When i mention psycho, i actually meant 'to confuse them' or 'make their brain go haywire'.

Master this technique, and it will someday bring success to you.


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