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20 May 2010

Back to the Blog

"Even zombies come alive after death. It is as if they belong to neither heaven & hell."

The previous blogpost was meant to be the last blogpost. Back then I expect that I wouldn't have the time, energy & creativity to keep up with my blogging needs. Its either i force myself into blogging, or quit totally. Quitting back then seems to be the sanest choice.

Over time, I was exposed to so many experiences. Experiences I felt compelled to blog about. But for some difficult-to-explain reason, I refrained myself from penning it down in my blog. As time pass by, I grew envious by the blog entries made by avid bloggers. Reading their blogpost reminds me of the excitement I once had when I was a hardcore blogger.

I've thought about this for the past 4months whether I should pick up blogging again. Today, I've made up my decision to revive this blog. Except this time, I'll hope this blog more personal than ever. I write not for the public audience anymore, I will write for myself. This is so that I'll be able to relive the awesome experience of every blogpost sometime in the future.

It's good to be back.


Cmate said...

Welcome Back!

QuaChee said...

hey welcome back. i blog somewhat less nowadays, tho i do maintain it still hehe.

btw if ur on facebook or twitter, lets connnect there?

Mei Lan said...

glad to hear you're back on blogging .. have always enjoyed reading your blog ... kiss kiss ....