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04 January 2009


"My face burns. It burns so much that I can fry an egg in 38secs."
---- 3point8 ----

This morning when I woke up, my face hurts like hell. It is as if gasoline was burning on my face, the type of burn that gets worse when you pour water on it. There are red black spots all over my face. It was so bad that my roommate thought I was a zombie. He didn't say that out loud, but i know he had that thought judging from his initial reaction to swing a baseball bat towards my face.

That was how my new year went. You see, I stood directly under the hot sun from 11am till 6pm on new year's eve. Anyone would get burned if they were doing the same without sunscreen. Like a slithering snake, I am now shedding skin.

I would gladly post up a picture showing how badly burned I am, then again I wouldn't want to be accountable to the death of my readers. With just a glance, I'm sure anyone would suffer appetite loss for at least 38days. That is assuming all of them survived the initial continuous vomiting.

Speaking of sun burn, I was wondering: could you can get moon burn if you expose yourself to the moon for a long period of time? Ok, maybe moon burn sounds far fetched. But what about cancer? Can you get cancer by exposing yourself to the moon?

Think about about. Most skin cancer are due to overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Rays from the moon are a reflection from the sun, so I'm certain that there is a certain degree of UV from the moon. So, if you expose yourself under the moon long enough, can you get cancer?

[Top Comment by Tekkaus]
Nah~People won't get cancer by exposing them to moon burn. Its intensity is not that strong enough right? But maybe they'll turn into a werewolf! That's why they are coming out with The Rise of Lycans: Underworld 3. Maybe these people were exposed to too much moon!


Baby said...

what were you doing from 11am till 6pm under the sun?

Knight said...

Oyeahh...Happy New Year dude. So keep the red face for more 38 days will keep you red during the CNY. Mom will love it..Haha..Jk..Jk...

Well, staying under the moon might get cancer. Question is which cancer???

Eye cancer larr..coz all kena poison from ur statement larr..

But who knows? Maybe it's true that moon light have UV. Nice thought..nice thought..

Harmony said...

I think you wont really die from the exposure of light from the moon...

Else i'll see people carrying brollies and sunspray out

Racheal Tan said...

post ur pix!

Lisalicious said...

why are you so burn up??

lolx post up picture !

Tekkaus said...

Nah~People won't get cancer by exposing them to moon burn. Its intensity is not that strong enough right? Ha =) But maybe they'll turn into a werewolf!

That's why they are coming out with The Rise of Lycans: Underworld 3. Maybe these people were exposed to too much moon! =)

renaye said...

err..i guess before u get killed by the moonrays, u would be killed by the air pollution depending where u r standing la that is. or even road killed. hahaha.

QuirkyLilPrincess said...

OMG!!! i hope u would be alrite soon...bad roommate of urs but then again...i dun blame him,its not a pretty sight to see someone who looks like a zombie in the morn...(no offense!!!)

Well,cancer from the moon,who knows?maybe you can get it but then again,the sun always the attention more than anything else like global warming,blame the heat.Floods?blame the sun for bringing heat and melting the north pole until there's excess of water.

Oh well,the sun is sure a attention grabber that it just have to wreck havoc onto other people's skin so that all attention on them,haha.

curryegg said...

Oh my.. what happen to you? are you ok now?

Well, did you hear anything like... moon ray? :)

foongpc said...

Sunburned? If you are a vampire, you'll already be dead long time ago, and I mean really, really dead, not just un-dead. LOL!

You are at risk from getting skin cancer for standing in the sun so long without protection. But the moon? You can stand in the moonlight as long as you want and you won't get skin cancer cos the UV rays not strong enough. But you might get lung cancer if you smoke while standing under the beautiful moonlight : )

3POINT8 said...

Erm...I was queuing to get into a public garden.

Wha...eye cancer. that is freaking scary. I better not stare at the moon from now on.

AHaha.. You forgot umbrellas.

[Racheal Tan]
No! I will lose my loyal readers. Even worse, they might die from loss of appetite. I don't want that to happen on my dear racheal, do i?

3POINT8 said...

Erm, standing under the sun for 4 hours without sunscreen is a surefire to get sunburn, no? Besides, I don't want to show my ugly side to a charming girl such as you, yes?

That is one very good one. Only you can link up the moon UV and underground 3

This sounds very true. Staying indoor is a much better option, yes?

Agreed. the sun is getting too much attention dy. That is why i'm talking about the moon. Thanks to you, I think i should consider replying to every comment here

3POINT8 said...

I'm shedding skin now. But I'm alrite. Its just a skinburn, nothing serious. Thanks for your concern. =D

Now to you mentioned it, I'm mighty glad that I'm not a vampire.
Oh ya, even if i don't smoke, I think i'd still get lung cancer from air pollution. XD

QuaChee said...

why did u stand under the sun so long? :)

QuirkyLilPrincess said...

aww,thanks for the comment :) nice to see commenting back once more :)

3POINT8 said...

Erm, I was trying get into a garden where they offer a good place to see the new year firework. And apparently ppl here in syd would line up for hours just to get in.

Ur welcome

-popjammerz- said...

i think maye you can try it and we shall wait for the results! :)

anyway, hope you're doing okay already!! take lots of Vitamin C and E to stimulate ur skin reproduction!

3POINT8 said...

Vitamin C and E. got it! thanks for the recommendation

Proper said...

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Anonymous said...

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