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09 November 2008

[ad] NicoleKiss Boutique

Note: This is an advertorial post for NicoleKiss Boutique.

Christmas time is around the corner and those who celebrate, will almost always expect a gift.
For guys: Other than cosmetic and feminine products, any gift will do.
For girls: Any cosmetic or feminine products will do.
For your love ones: Your presence is better than any gift in the world.
For mistress & concubines: This one is a little bit tricky. Fear not as I have a suggestion for you.

For Rm65 (about 25usd), you can get a kinky dress wrapped in a nice Xmas box delivered to your door step. [Click here to visit product link]

You may find these descriptive words in the website:
-- Translucent pink fabric, so cute and sexy he won't be able to resist his hands on you!
-- This is an uber comfortable piece. The silk fabric is to die for, you would want to wear it to sleep everyday. The baby pacifier designs are just irresistible.
-- Nothing like the old classical black bring-me-to-bed-now design. Translucent (see through almost), black, dark, lacey and sexy, what more can you ask for in a lingerie?
-- Gown and Panty Set. White soft translucent frabic, very flowy and comfortable for wear. Lacey brim.
-- Ultra comfortable to wear and extremely soft fabric. White delight for all young virgins (or wannabe) out there.

[Now, try reading the words in bold in one go.]

I seldom do advertorial post mainly because I know advertisers will not like my style of writing. I only do ads if I know for sure I can make fun of them and get away with it.


Ryan said...

Gosh... Another way of advertising.

Nikkiko said...


I'm appalled.


usws said...

Uhh, do i get one for Christmas? *runs*

Nicocoa said...

lol... u r funny!!
thank kiu!!!

Tekkaus said...

Gotta take it off one piece at a time to really enjoy it...=)

Clarisse Teagen said...

These are no nos...
Aunties would like these to go with their curlers of course.

But urgh. tacky as hell!

Simon Seow said...

Wait till you see mine. LOL.

Anonymous said...

lol ace young virgins. =P

curryegg said...

haha.. kif.. you are really... lolx...