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16 May 2006

Space Images

The planet "earth" is only but a small tiny little dot in universe.
Fact: As humans, we are glad to claim that Earth is only planet we know of that has intelligent life forms...
Doesn't it all sound so ostensible?? It appears that no other place in the universe have no intelligent life-form... How can that be?? Most of us are so convinced with the existence of UFO and extra-terrestrial being somewhere out there... Yet, we are still unable to detect any intelligent life forms, even with the creation of those mega super powerful telescope with a range up to 13 billion light-years from Earth. (about 9.461 × 1021meters away... a distance where u can travel to the sun and back to earth 31trillion times..... quite a distance eh??)

Anyway, I had to digress away from the topic of UFO and aliens...
Actually, i found some cool pictures taken from outer space, and i just want to share it with the world...

Marvel at Engineering's Supremacy

Vanguard of space travel

Probably some space sation wathing over planet Earth

Spacecraft docking into space station (...i think)

Aurora.... Northern Lights / Northern Dawn