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14 May 2006

Mother's day

M - O - T - H - E - R
"M" is for the million things she gave me,
"O" means only that she's growing old,
"T" is for the tears she shed to save me,
"H" is for her heart of purest gold;
"E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
"R" means right, and right she'll always be,
Put them all together, they spell

Mother’s day celebrates motherhood and thanking mothers. Mothers often receive gifts on this day. In Malaysia, this special day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of may. I know I don’t celebrate this special day every year, but this year, I’m making an exception…There is a survey done in the net about best gift’s to give during mother’s day.
According to the poll, best gifts ever were:
1 Home-made stuff --35%
2. Jewelry -- 24%
3. A day to the Spa -- 15%
4. Help with chores, or a day of rest -- 5%
5. Beauty products -- 4%
According to the poll, moms care most that loved ones remember their special day. A reassuring 46% said that anything their kids give them is a "good gift."
This year, I made something for mom… Something home-made, something which most mother’s prefer (hopefully)
A red rose sticker especially just for mom. I hope mom love it. Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love. I’m not really good with words, so I hope the red rose is suffice for what I am trying to express… Mother is the best mom around in the word….