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11 April 2006

Çhroπo §ymphoπïç

Guess what i found on the net recently??
Çhroπo §ymphoπïç. An orchestra group established to recreate the sounds of Chrono Trigger, a RPG game made by squaresoft back in 1995.

A little background about the game:
This game revolves around a group of youngsters that are drawn into a thick plot full of evil beings, time travel, alternate dimensions, and a ruined future. It's 1st game i've played with more than 12 alternate endings. The ending are dictated by actions on a certain timeline which could alter the outcome of the game. The story plot is is just superb, however character story development in the game is another thing. But then again, i would rate the game's storyline as one of the best around. In fact, i would say its storyline surpass the highly rated plot of FF7.

Another eye-catching feature about this game is the music behind the game. It's the music which dramatise the game even more. And the music are created by none other the legendary Nobuo Uematsu (also the music creator for most of the FF series) and Yatsunori Mitsoda (also the main music creater for front mission and xenogear). According to midishrine, the game soundtrack of chrono trigger is almost the most sold game soundtrack ever and it is counted by many as the best.

For me, i'm a huge fan of chrono trigger. To date, I've played the whole game for more than 5 times over and over again. Even my email add is inspired by the game.

Now that, they have released Chrono Symphonic, its somewhat a thrilling experience for me.
I was awed by the most of the music featured in chrono symphonic as its something i would consider equivalent to a masterpiece. Also, its projects the "classic-ness" of the game as well.

For more info:
  • http://www.midishrine.com

  • http://chrono.ocremix.org/

    liz lettisya said...

    what is thissssssss -_-'

    4444 said...

    It's a soundtrack of "Chrono Trigger"

    Like those star wars, Final fanstasy soundtrack.....
    erm....movie theme songs...

    Music lar....
    orchestra music....