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08 April 2006

Bondi beach

Bondi, a place in australia, well known for its of sun, sand, surf. Somewhere in Bondi beach is a place called Bondi beach, of Australia's most famous beaches and among the world's most well-known beaches. The beach is roughly a kilometre long and is patrolled by lifesavers who make swimmers stay between the yellow and red flags.
A destination favoured by surfers, skaters, sun-tanners, peepers, and people seeking for nice sceneries. That was the place i went to today (saturday,8/4/2006)

About the beach, the sand are fine and smooth, the waves are spectacular, and the breeze are just perfect. Most important, it squeaky clean there. Not a trace of rubbish on the beach, no oil on sea water.... which makes it even better compared to the best beaches back in malaysia. Also, good thing about that place its that, it's filled with people but not too crowded.

Quite often, u can see people walking with their big bad surf board. With waves as high as 4meters, it' not suprising that this place is considered as the best surfing area in australia. That would make bondi beach, a place famed for big waves makes it all perfect for surfers to be in.

Of course, there are also half-naked people tanning under the sun. A view you would never get back in m'sia. Well, infact a saman ticket is what they'll get if they were to be in m'sia. Sad case.
I find it quit amuzing that these people are not afraid to reveal their own skin. Australia, what a place with culture.

The scenery there are just breathtaking.. the view is even more amazing when the sun is about to set. At about 6pm, the skies are filled wih rainbow colour with the red closer to the far side of the sea and the purplist blue colour being right above. The partially transclucent moon makes it even more astounishing.

In all, it's a great place to release stress....


lissya said...

HohOhO.. Bondi Beach... the place where i know u n sk *genius people*! hHAhhaAa.. *bow bow*.