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29 March 2006

Proud to be a tarcian

This is my friend Sabrina Tay.

This is a comment she left:
u make me feel hounoured being a tarcian u know

(Tarcian is a term we use to address those who is affiliated by Tunku Abdul Rahman College.)
She was commenting the other day on how tarcian are just different from her ex-schoolmate. She mentioned something about her tarcian friends who is to her some great bunch of friends. The reasoning she gave to support that statement is that, they are more loyal, they stick together, and best of all, no backstabbers...(i was just wondering, secondary schools in subang got a lot of backstabbers meh? Probably, maybe i'm just an ignorant kid being oblivious to it) Being surrounded by who she called them "true-friend", she just felt lucky that she wasn't admitted to any other private college.

That reminds me of the times when i was back in those tarc days...
Even though TARC isn't considered as a world class education center, nor did they have the latest equipment,but it's the people there which makes all the difference.
The lecturers back there isn't very good in teaching (well, most of them) but at least they made their best effor in delivering knowledge.
Furthermore, those who i met back there didn't have the annoying "rich-kid midset syndrome"
Sigh....i miss my days back in tarc....


they are so different frm school mate

ex school i mean



how different?

there are more loyal den ex school

they dun eaily forget bout u

no back stabber



that's what i like about tarc too.....


i thought it oni happens to me

sometime i nvr regret coming tarc at all


at least most of them dun have the "rich kid syndrome"

lucky din go private college

i do know some rich ppl but they are seriouly not bad

sigh.....i miss tarc.......

u make me feel very honoured being a tarcian u know

in a way

did i???



---- sabrina tay 0100 29/3/2006