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28 March 2006

Colgate vs Dove

Introducing Colgate with whitening and tartar control formula. This product is widely known as a toothpaste. Ppl usually use this to clean their teeth.

Introducing Dove with new improved formula.
This product is widely known as a facial cleanser.
Ppl usually use this to clean their face on a daily basis.

Introducing my idioctic housemate, SK.
This guy is widely known as a genius.
Ppl usually make use of his lecture notes.
On certain times, he would perform random acts of idiotic actions, just like the "green cape superman pose" he had been boasting around lately...

Just last night, he performed another of those "random acts of idioctic actions again..."
A few minutes before 2am, his mixed-wired brain impulses instructed him to get some sleep. But wait, before that, he made a decision to brush his teeth before going to bed. A decision soon proved to be life-changing.

Standing sloopily in front of the bathroom mirror, with half-opened eyes, he took out his toothbrush and sqeesed some of those "Whitening toothpaste" on top of his toothbrush...
He thought to himself: "hmm....the honey drink u had minutes ago very Kau wor.... The toothpaste tasted a little sweet...oh wait, it isn't sweet, more like sweet spicy chilli... taste kinda good too.... Oh well, better get on with my brushing and off to my dreamland".....

Seconds later, he coughed out, forcing out liquids from his mouth... He then ran out of the bathroom, and yelled: "OMG..... I just used Dove (yep, the whitening facial foam) to brush my teeth!!" The moment that scream was over, i could da have sworn that the neighbourhood around is slightly brighter all of the sudden.

Hearing a shout from the other house: "Oi, I'm trying to get some sleep here, and dove doens't mix with toothbrush, idoit!"

Looking at him.... I too commented: "SK SK, now u know facial foam and toothbrush are just not compatible with each other..."

no offence to my friend, SK....
Contents may have been exaggerated.


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is this thing working??