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10 June 2009

Happiness v1

[Welcome back guys. I know I haven't been active in the blogosphere lately. Worse, I don't even know if I'll stay active in the blogosphere. Anyways, there is this article I've drafted exactly a year ago which I would love to publish it someday. Perhaps today is the day.]

Happiness is a very subjective issue. From what I observed, there are 2 general method of being happy

Method no.1
1) You see something I want. This thing will be able to make me happy as long as i have it.
When i have it, it gives me a sense of achievement, a sense of satisfaction & happiness.
Most people find happiness through this way.
In short, in your current state, you want something better.

Method no.2
2) I come across a sad story, or an experience of others that is far worse than what I'm experiencing now. (eg:Homeless people). It made me rethink of the things i take for granted and it makes me appreciate stuff more.
Though finding happiness through this way is very uncommon, but I think this way is more powerful method than method1.
You'll be contented knowing that you are far better of as compared to other people.
In short, in your current situation, you realize that you are in a far better position compared to most people.

If we take a scale of a ruler
10 being the highest happiness gauge and 0 being the lowest happiness.

We are at 5. If we get to 10, it gives us a sense of achievement. We feel happy.
We are at 5. If we get to know that there are people who are in 0, it makes us content that we have more than enough.


ColourfulWorld said...

Wow... why everything in black?

It is hard to squeeze out some time for blogging when you have started work right?

Would like to add the 3rd one, happy for a greater cause. I'm in the field of environmental, if the overall environment is conserved in a sustainable manner in such a way that all interacting components benefit from one another then even though I don't have nothing but I'll still be very happy and satisfied, knowing that I have contributed to the betterment of the environment.

foongpc said...

Happiness is just a state of the mind. It has nothing to do with external, but internal. We can choose to be happy no matter what the circumstances are.

And of course, when we compare with others who are more unfortunate than us, we would feel really blessed and grateful.

Simon Seow said...

Well, human nature is greedy. In 5 we want to reach 10 and in 10 we want to have something beyond that. Unless greed is not in play, if not then there will never be and end it that.