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28 March 2009

Earth Hour 2009

"Hypocrites are those who pledge full loyalty to Earth Hour by leaving a blog comment at that precise hour"
---- 3POINT8 ----

Earth Hour 2009, the event at which people show their love to Mother Earth by switching off their household lights for an hour from 8.30pm till 9.30pm on Saturday, 28 March 2009.

This all started in Sydney and made such an impact that it has grown globally. We all know that reducing energy consumption reduces the amount of carbon put into the atmosphere. Therefore, it makes sense that every person who participates does make some difference! [Source]
Last year I joined Earth Hour 2008 by turning off whatever lights switches I can find. At that time, I was all alone in my room for an hour, so the only switch I managed to turn off: is my room's light switch.

Then I figured, this is a mighty good idea. Imagine how much electricity can be saved if a light bulb was turned off for an hour. You know how dream works, the more you indulge in it, the bigger it becomes. It wasn't long until my mind drifted to imagine how nice it would be if everyone supported this cause.

This year, I intend to join Earth Hour 2009. But this year, I'm going for the extra mile. Instead of just turning off my lights, I intend to turn off all my household appliance. Then I figured, I can do more than just this. If i am able to turn off my stuff, I should be able to lend a helping hand and assist less able people to do the same thing. So, this year, I'm switching off my neighbour's power supply for an hour whether they like or not.

I then came to realise that if a common citizen like me can do this much, a powerhouse like the government can do even more. So, I was thinking, what's gonna happen if suddenly the government decides to announce its full support to Earth Hour by switching off all major electricity generator in its country? That would be so cool! (OR distorted, depending on how you see it)

To those who are showing their support in Earth Hour 2009: remember it is only a painless hour. You can resume your daily habit of screwing up the planet until Earth Hour 2010 when you can do your bit for the environment again.

Either that, or you can use candles, lighter, fireworks (that is what Sydney used last year. Source) during Earth Hour and waste other valuable resource. So as long as you cutting down on your electricity consumption, I guess you can proudly say that you are pledging your support to Earth Hour.

On a more serious note, Earth Hour is designed for supporters to turn off non-essential lights. Its purpose is to battle climate change. Other than turning non-essential lights, can you think of any other actions you can do to show your support?
(Remember, I am monitoring my blogger-comment time-stamp. If I see anyone commenting during Earth Hour in my blog...........I will do nothing. Its not like I can do anything to you, yes?)

*Note: Do not attempt to go on a frenzy rampage to turn off light switches that is not yours to control.


foongpc said...

Err...how do you switch off your neighbour's power supply?

I believe Earth Hour is an awareness event, not really saving electricity or conserve energy event. You can't save the Earth by turning off lights for one hour.

I think it will be a success if everyone is now more aware of global warming and commit to turn off unessential lights or electrical gadgets everyday.

The Govt cannot switch off all major electricity generator because some like hospitals, airports etc still need them.

Actually, it's not a matter or turning everything off, but only turn off what is not needed, meaning don't waste electricity unnecessarily.

Nowadays, it is so hot, I keep my fan on. It is essential to me. But if I'm not in the room, then I'll turn it off. That's what Earth Hour is all about to me : )

-popjammerz- said...

i like this~ :)

QuirkyLilPrincess said...

i walked around the streets during earth hour but most of my neighbours are so not enviromentally friendly,oh well,they will see the light one day,hhahaa

Knight said...

I do support this event which make mass awareness to all earthlings. But IMHO, doing this is just not enough.

Don't forget the power station is still running while the city is dark. The gov should lower down the power at this time period by reducing the burning of woods and petrol which turn the turbine that produce electricity.

If only this campaign are held once a month with the efficiency support from the gov. But unfortunately money is everything. TNB will bankrupt.

Best advice, switch off the appliances when not using.

Anonymous said...

global warming is caused by the Sun

pollicino said...

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Vestige said...

There's no way to prevent Earth from dying, EH only slows it.

Anonymous said...

why delay an inevitable end? like someone before me said, 'There's no way to prevent earth from dying, EH only slows it.'

i say, accelerate it and have the time of your life (or whats left of it) while at it!