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10 February 2009


There is truth in sarcasm.
---- Annonymous ----

Behold, the second vlog I've done in my entire life. In this vlog, I'm promoting BloggerUnited, a new social network site for bloggers.

Warning: Sarcasm Included

Allow me to explain each sarcastic material one by one.
1) The reason to why bloggers put up an advert in their blog is because they want to earn millions from blogging. The music 'Gold Spinners' was used because blogging and vlogging can earn you big bucks. Yes, big bucks. Bad news is: there is 99% it won't happen to you.
2) The second reason to why bloggers start up a blog is because they want their opinions to be heard. This is simply because they have no real friends to hear them out. If they have an audience of one, they wouldn't start a blog.
3) Rather than sending personal email to invite friends to their party, Bloggers had announce it in their blog. If they are writing a hatemail directing to their superior, instead of emailing the right person, bloggers had to use pseudonyms and post it up in their blog.
4) Since no bloggers have friends, we bloggers had to resort to social sites to befriend strangers.
5) What happens when you gather a bunch of anti-social creature who crave for attention in a social site? They spam and troll other members, for attention.
6) [Insider joke] In Blogger United, you will be promoted as blogger of the month if you are the highest rated spammer.
7) [Yet another insider joke] If you are new to Blogger United, we have a welcoming team to make you feel comfortable. Once you are a veteran member, the same team will shun you out by picking your personal faults.
8) Towards the end of the video, I was trying to mimic the crazy warehouse sales guy. [apparently i'm need to practise more.]

Then again, Blogger United is a social site where bloggers get to be themselves.
If you are the quiet type, join in and stare at us.
If you are the aggressive type, join in and start a war.
If you are the popular type, join in and share your fame.
If you are the sarcastic type, join in and we can share sarcastic materials.

To sign up a free account with Blogger United, click here.
Check ou my profile in BloggerUnited: BU- 3POINT8
Update: BloggerUnited is giving out FREE merchandise.

What do think of the video?

[Top Comment by Chewak]
you make it sound so sad and pathetic


Lisalicious said...

you make it sound so sad and pathetic


pinksterz said...


this is the only post from you that didn't make my head go kaboom! HAHAHAHA SUPER FUNNY XD

QuaChee said...

nice funny write up... lol! :)

Caffery said...

Nice post to promote Blogger United, but why don't you mentioning that free merchandises are given out monthly? hehe.

3POINT8 said...

But it did make you laugh, didn't it? That is the whole point of the video.

I shall make more video for pinky. I find videos easier to convey an ida because I can use so many things, emotions, pictures, and effects. :)


Advice taken. Thanks for the suggestion.

pinksterz said...

no no its not because of the idea but i love your sarcasm in the points XD